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The Sofaer Global MBA is an intensive 1-year program designed for 40 to 50 students from a wide range of professional, academic, and geographic backgrounds. Academic excellence, professional depth, broad life experience, and innovative creativity are distinguishing factors of successful GMBA candidates. As a tight-knit community, the GMBA Admissions Committee also takes extra care to focus on a candidate’s interpersonal and group-work skills as well as their experience working within international environments.





The Sofaer Global MBA’s curriculum runs over the course of 5 academic modules that are each composed of 6 weeks of classes and a 2-week exam/review period (total 8 weeks). The core of the academic curriculum consists of courses that are, in majority, quantitatively focused. GMBA students are charged with digesting challenging material within a relatively short amount of time. Thus, the GMBA Admissions Committee evaluates the level of familiarity applicants have with the program’s academic material and their confidence in applicants' ability to digest this material within the GMBA’s 11-month academic time-frame.

Academic Requirements

  • Applicants must hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited university recognized by Tel Aviv University
  • Undergraduate GPA greater than 75%
  • Full GMAT or GRE exam (learn more about GMAT/GRE waiver eligibility)




Professional Experience

The GMBA program is an intense full-time experience. Students are expected to excel in their academics while maintaining a responsible and active role in group projects, case competitions, internships and more. In addition, students are required to partake in a variety of career-focused activities throughout their year, accumulating in an active job search process.

Experience has shown that students who have spent a longer time in the workplace tend to be better prepared for the multi-faceted GMBA year. The average GMBA student has 4+ years, and thus, applicants are encouraged to apply with at least 2 years of work experience.  In exceptionally rare circumstances applicants with less than 2 years of work experience may be accepted.




Life Experience & Teamwork Compatibility 

The GMBA program is a tight-knit community. Academic courses and the Career Management Curriculum are very group-work orientated. Students are expected to be active and accountable teammates while in the program and responsible and engaged citizens as alumni.

While professional experience plays a large role in shaping a candidate’s personal qualities and work ethic, the GMBA program places additional focus on experiences gained outside the professional sphere. Applicants are encouraged to share with the Admissions Committee relevant experiences and activities that have contributed to their personal growth and maturity.




Innovative Creativity

The Sofaer Global MBA's curriculum is rooted in Tel Aviv, one of the most dynamic, innovative, and creative cities in the world.  Students spend their year learning from and connecting with this unique culture of business and many of our graduates go on to work for startups or found companies of their own.  While not all candidates are expected to be seasoned entrepreneurs, the GMBA program draws candidates who have demonstrated innovation and creative thinking in their personal and professional histories and/or desire to transition to more entrepreneurial professional opportunities post-graduation.

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