Business Foundation Disciplines

Managerial Economics explores the nature and determinants (including market forces) of decisions about  profitmaximizing production and pricing.


The Macroeconomic Environment inspects the economic mechanisms and trends as well as cultural, social and political environments that shape economies, with an emphasis on countries of the Middle East.


Analytical Approach to Uncertainty introduces elementary probability theory as a tool for modeling uncertainty in business, with illustrations from decision theory and statistics.


Managerial Statistics explores the use of sample data for purposes of estimating, predicting, forecasting and decision making.


Managers and the Legal Environment studies the legal environment in which international business organizations operate. The orientation of this course is practical employing actual cases and discussing real world situations.

Topics include: legal forms of business organizations; contracts and crossborder contracts; international sale of goods; writing an international services contract; dispute resolution mechanisms; distinguishing between common law, civil law, and other legal systems around the world; and how to optimize the use of inside and outside counsel.


World Economy offered by Kellogg Evanston

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