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The Student Exchange Program at the Coller School of Management enables master students to spend a semester abroad at one of over 100 leading business schools around the world with which we have exchange agreements.

The program provides a great opportunity to broaden your horizons and enjoy a unique learning experience.


What makes the Student Exchange Program unique?

Students spending a semester abroad are exposed to a broad range of opportunities and experiences including:

  • A wide variety of courses;
  • A range of academic theories and methodologies;
  • Exposure to the local business ecosystem;
  • Building an international network;
  • Gaining language skills;

For additional information have a look at the testimonials of past exchange students.


When can I study abroad?

You have three different options when it comes to studying abroad:

  • The First Semester of the school year abroad, which usually begins in August or September;
  • The Second Semester abroad, which usually begins in January (this is not relevant for Sofaer students);
  • The Summer Semester abroad, which usually begins in May, June or July and is shorter in duration.


Which courses can I take while on exchange?

  • You may take core courses during exchange, provided they are equivalent in content to the core courses at Tel Aviv University (however this is not relevant for Sofaer students);
  • Elective courses on a wide variety of topics;
  • Specialized courses, which are appropriate to your area of specialization and have been approved by the head of your area of specialization at Tel Aviv University (this is not relevant for Sofaer students);
  • You will be required to present syllabuses of the courses you choose, in order to obtain prior approval for taking them;

​​Please note:

  • Language courses that you take abroad will not be recognized as part of your degree in terms of credits;
  • Project courses taken abroad will not be approved (this is not relevant for Sofaer students); 
  • Courses that are equivalent to those you have already taken at Tel Aviv University will not be approved.
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