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  • Writing an Exchange Summary
  • Course Recognition
  • Alumni Obligations

Welcome back!  We hope you had an enjoyable and productive semester abroad!

Now it's time to write about your experiences abroad.

Before you begin writing, please read the guidelines and think about what would have been important and useful for you to know before you went abroad.

  • The summary must be written in English;
  • Please send the summary as a Microsoft Word file;
  • When naming the file, include the name of the host university and the year of your exchange;
  • At the top of the first page of the summary, insert the School of Management logo (on the right-hand side) and the logo of the host university (on the left-hand side); 
  • Remember – the courses you have taken abroad will only be recognized once your summary has been submitted.  

Include the following information in your summary:

  • Information on the visa requirements, accommodation, living expenses, transportation, courses, entertainment and the overall experience.
  • Tips and additional important information.

Please use the Summary Format

Have a look at examples of Previous Exchange Summaries

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