Doctoral Program

The Coller School of Management is equipped to admit a limited number of doctoral candidates.  Of those applicants who meet Tel Aviv University’s admission requirements only those with the talents and qualifications that fit in with the subjects of research that are of particular interest to the school will be considered.  The most natural candidates for admission are outstanding graduates of our M.Sc. program who intend to continue their research in their chosen area of specialization and are well known to the school’s faculty members.  At the same time, the school is also interested in other outstanding candidates, including:

  • holders of a master’s degree with thesis in a discipline relevant to business administration
  • holders of an MBA who can demonstrate research ability
  • holders of a master’s degree with or without thesis in allied fields, either disciplinary or professional (for example, engineering or medicine)
  • outstanding holders of a bachelor’s degree from the Coller School of Management or in an allied field (disciplinary or professional), who may be considered for a direct path to a doctoral degree.

Minimum Application Requirements

1.            Eligibility to apply

Applicants will have completed their studies in management sciences, business administration or other disciplinary or professional area allied to business administration.  They must meet the minimum requirements set out in Tel Aviv University’s regulations for doctoral students as follows:

  • They must hold a master’s degree or an M.D. degree with a weighted grade of at least “Very Good” (85), with a thesis with a grade of at least 85.
  • Holders of a master’s degree with a weighted grade of at least “Very Good” (85), without a thesis, may be accepted as Stage A students only after completing the assignments given by the School’s Doctoral Committee.  These assignments will include a research study at the level of a master’s thesis in terms of its scope and content.
  • Applications for the direct path may be submitted by the following:
    • holders of a bachelor’s degree with a weighted grade of at least 90 in a three-year program or at least 85 in a four-year program
    • holders of a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree, with a weighted average of at least 85 in each.

All applicants must have a score of at least 45 in the quantitative part of the GMAT.

Applicants should note that meeting the minimum requirements does not necessarily guarantee acceptance to the doctoral program.

2.            Submitting an application

Applications submitted to the Coller School of Management's Doctoral Program Secretariat should include:

  • An application form, including the area or areas of specialization requested.  Applicants may be considered even if they have not yet chosen an area of specialization.
  • The names of at least three academic providers of references.  If the applicant’s academic record includes a thesis, the thesis supervisor will be one of the reference providers.  Additional names of reference providers who are not academics may also be given.
  • Transcripts of all previous academic studies, including grades and entitlements.
  • GMAT scores
  • A short essay (one page) on the motivation and aims of the applicant, as well as the significance of a doctoral degree for the applicant.
  • Any additional material that the applicant feels will help the Doctoral Committee in its deliberations.

The candidates will approach the providers of references, supplying them with reference forms given by the Doctoral Program Secretariat.  Each completed form will be returned in a sealed envelope to the Doctoral Program Secretariat.  The Doctoral Program Committee will consider an application only after receipt of all the references.

Registration for the doctoral program is dependent upon the applicant obtaining the agreement of an authorized Coller faculty member, who must be at least a senior lecturer, to serve as a dissertation supervisor.  In special cases, the Coller School Doctoral Program Committee will have the authority to allow the appointment of a supervisor who does not meet the above requirements, provided the appointment is authorized by the Tel Aviv University Doctoral Program Committee.

Doctoral Program Application Form


3.            Doctoral program coordinators

In each of the Coller School of Management’s areas of specialization that has an M.Sc. program of studies, a senior faculty member is appointed to coordinate the activities of the doctoral candidates in that area of specialization.  The names, telephone numbers and email addresses of the coordinators appear under the tab Officeholders.  Applicants are invited to consult with the coordinators before submitting their applications. 


4.            Position of the area of specialization

The position of the area of specialization will be an important factor in the decision of the Doctoral Program Committee (particularly if a faculty member who is authorized to supervise doctoral candidates expresses an interest in supervising a particular applicant).  New doctoral candidates will be accepted subject to the number of active doctoral candidates in each area of specialization, relative to the number of potential supervisors in the area.

Each semester, each area of specialization will present to the Coller’s Doctoral Program Committee its position on accepting new candidates during that semester, together with details of the current candidates and their supervisors.

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