Accrediting of Courses

Please rememeber to read this sheet when you go abroad, so that any changes you make in the courses you take will be in accordance with these regulations.


Regulations concerning accrediting of courses:

  •  Courses that you take abroad will be recognized as part of your academic degree program only if they are approved by the Head of the Exchange Program. To avoid unnecessary problems, you should obtain this approval before starting the course. Remember that it takes a few days to prepere approvals, so you should start the process as soon as you know which courses you want to take.


  •  Courses recognized as part of your academic degree program will be registered in you personal file as "exemptions" without grades. They will not be weighted in your GPA but will be accredited to your semester unit quota.


  •  It  is possible that a course for which you are accepted abroad is a rare and special one but we may not be able to recognize it. In these cases, it may still be worthwhile to take the course, but that is up to you to decide. 


  •  There is a conversion table listing the equivalent of our semester unit at some of the schools abroad, which will be used as the basis for the accreditation. For schools that do not have this table, you will be required to state the number of hours you took on each course during the semester. This will be used to calculate the value in semester units: 20-24 hours= 1 semester unit; 28-32 hours= 1.5 semester units; 36-40 hours= 2 semester units. The head of the program will be making the conversion to semester units, so the final answer will be given by her.


  • For each course you will be required to record if you wish to take it as an elective or a required course. In any case, you should note its equivalent at Recanati. You will be give a large amount of leeway with regard to electives, but a required coures must be identical to the course offered in Israel.


  •  For each course you will be required to note its equivalent at Recanati and provide a syllabus or course description.


  •  Courses for which you receive a grade of at least B will be recognized. You will be allowed one course with a grade of C.


  •  In the Recanati MBA program without an area of specialization, 4-7 semester units of either required or elective courses will be recognized, depending on the content of the courses you wish to have recognized.


  •  The accreditation will only be carried out once the the exchange summary has been submitted.


  •  Language courses will not be accredited.   


  • Once back at Recananti you are required to fill out the "Credit Recognition Form" and send it along with the relevant syllabi to Sharon Shaked:



Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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