The Mentoring Program

Our flagship projects represent three channels through which we act in order to keep our alumni integrate with the different niches of the local and international business community, the Recanati Business School and of course, its research and students:

The Mentoring Program
Our mentoring program allows young alumni and graduate students in Recanati, who represent the future managerial generation of Israel, to benefit from the experience of veteran Recanati alumni volunteering their managerial insights, knowledge, and experience, in order for the first, to materialize their business and professional goals.

The program capitalizes on the unique position of the Recanati Alumni Association and its ability to harness to a wide audience of top managers, consultants, and senior entrepreneurs from various fields who are all Recanati alumni.

Volunteering alumni gain the opportunity to pass on their vast span of knowledge and managerial insights accumulated during their school years and since graduation, while the young alumni and graduate student benefit form professional guidance from a senior manager in their field – hi-tech, entrepreneurship, organizational consulting, strategy, economics, business development, marketing, industry etc.

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