Who are we looking for?

As we build each cohort of 50 leaders, we search for creative, curious and inventive people, each with a record of demonstrated leadership, engagement and impact.  While, there is no magic formula, we would love to get to know you better if you fall into one of the following categories:


* You have an advanced degree in one of the exact sciences, engineering, or medicine. You are building a new venture and have already conducted research and/or trials and/or raised capital. You are interested to continue building your venture in a more systematic way, with professional and academic guidance, and in collaboration with a team that brings strategy, operations, and finance/accounting expertise.

* You have just graduated from a top-tier college or university. You are not ready to join the formal workforce because you are curious about and want to explore “what’s next.” Perhaps your degree was in Philosophy or Computer Science. Before you jump in to anything, you are interested to get a 1-year MBA in Tel Aviv to bring a pragmatic discipline into your tool box. You are interested in innovation, new venture creation, and the broader social context for moral and ethical decision-making. While you are studying here, you wantto join a start-up team and bring your grit to successful new venture formation.

* You have started to climb the corporate ladder. Perhaps you have gotten a top tier engineering degree in a developing economy. You know you want to do something different and step off the corporate path, at least for a while, and want to explore bringing your skills, network, and experience to new venture creation. You are eager to contribute to your colleagues who come from the lab and deep research, and interested to work/ partner on a substantive business which is not just the latest app.

* You believe the corporate entity you work for needs to “touch” innovation, and you want to build that critical bridge. Perhaps your sponsor is interested to support you to work on a specific project or initiative while you are in Tel Aviv. Or perhaps they want you on the ground for a year and a primary sense of the ecosystem, including ties to potential partners. In either case, you are studying to gain skills, even as you prepare to bring your knowledge and training back to your corporate sponsor.

* You are a creative and curious leader. You thrive on difference and have demonstrated your commitment to bringing out the best in your colleagues.  You work well within a framework that feels more diverse, collaborative and immersive.  You are prepared and eager to work hard on a start-up team while studying in an intensive global MBA program.






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