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Lee Greene, Co-Founder at Kaipule

American, Class of 2015>> 

MBA student organizers (left to right) Edwards You Lyu, Jobs Jun Zhou, and Lee Greene

Before I came to the Sofaer International MBA at the Tel Aviv University in Israel, I was a CPA (certified accountant) working a job that I did not enjoy in a career where I really had no future in. So, I decided that I needed a change.


I came to Israel to create a new path for myself and the Sofaer International MBA program was the perfect way to start. I was excited to get involved in the innovation community being developed in Tel Aviv and the Sofaer program acted as a gateway to that community.


It was during this program that I learned the skills necessary to take my entrepreneurial spirit and apply it to real world situations. I formed a partnership with a Chinese student in the MBA program and we built our Mandarin language technology database, Kaipule, which connects the Israel innovation community and Chinese capital investors.

We are now accepting registrations for all start-ups and established technology companies in Israel looking to get exposure to Chinese investors and business leaders.



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