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With over seven years of experience in global health management, community development, and health promotion, I have a particular focus on communicable diseases in low-resource clinical and non-clinical settings. My background includes work as a resident paediatrician/public health physician as well as, as a mentor and advocate for an array of Nigerian and global organizations.  Read more >>

My name is Rachel Brender-Ziv and I'm an Alumna of the Sofaer MBA class of 2014. The MBA gave me the tools to leverage my skillset and work experience with a fresh perspective in the international business world.  Since graduating the Sofaer MBA, I held a strategic business development role at Microsoft, and most recently I've co-founded a new company called Pitaya. Read more >> 

I was in the process of establishing a career in IT when major universities, including Harvard, began approaching me to begin an MBA program. But I met with the late Simon Benninga, the Founder of the Sofaer International MBA program at Tel Aviv University, and he convinced me that the Sofaer iMBA was the place for me. Read more >>

What I did before the program?

I believe my journey to TAU was a little less traditional then most, however, I feel very fortunate to have attended the Sofaer International MBA program as it has been instrumental in my professional career and allowed me to achieve the professional success I have had thus far. It is for this reason that I feel responsible to share my experience with others. Read more >>

​At the time I enrolled in the International MBA program, I had completed an undergraduate business degree in the US, worked as a management consultant for a major US firm, and was near completion of my military service as a combat medic. I had always enjoyed business, and decided that earning an MBA would be valuable for transitioning back to the private sector. Read more >>

My parents had been pushing me to go to business school since I finished my undergrad in journalism. I come from a family that collects degrees the way other people collect postcards or rocks, and my parents couldn’t quite understand why I had thought that a bachelors would be enough. I don’t think, however, that they ever thought I would end up eventually getting that second degree half way around the world. Read more >>

Before enrolling in the Sofaer International MBA at Tel Aviv University in Israel, I had been working in the Hotel Management Business. It was exciting to work in a fast paced and dynamic industry leading nine managers with 110 staff, managing 7 departments and a $2 million USD annual budget. However, I was ready for a change and the program helped me do that. Read more >>

The Tel Aviv University International MBA has been the wind beneath my wings that has helped me soar to greater heights after just a year in Israel. I was fortunate enough to be awarded the Parasol Foundation Trust Israel Asia Leaders Full Scholarship for one female Indian Entrepreneur from India. As a Corporate Lawyer I was wary about not having adequate business knowledge like the rest of my peers and of course about shifting base to Israel but all those fears were quashed one week into the program. Read more >>

Prior to pursuing my MBA, I worked in the non-profit sector as the Director of Young Leadership at Save a Child’s Heart, an Israel based organization dedicated to providing life saving pediatric cardiac surgery to children from developing countries. Read more >>

I'm a tree-hugger at heart, and I have always worked to try to improve conditions for people across the world. Since I graduated from college I have worked to help displaced persons and the victims of conflict in Latin America, the Balkans, the Middle East, and Africa. As a Democracy and Human Rights Consultant I have advised governments, think tanks and NGOs on national security policy, democracy development, human rights and security sector reform. Read more >>

Six years ago I made the bold move to leave Britain and try my luck in the Israeli job market. I had recently graduated with a degree in English Literature from King’s College, Cambridge but the truth was I had no idea what I would do in Israel. For a long time I had wanted to be an academic, but after a few trips to the holy land I changed direction. I wasn’t sure what was next, but I was sure that I needed to be in Israel and be a part of its incredible energy. Read more >>

Before I came to the Sofaer International MBA at the Tel Aviv University in Israel, I was a CPA (certified accountant) working a job that I did not enjoy in a career where I really had no future in. So, I decided that I needed a change. Read more >>


Before Sofaer I had worked in the Entertainment business my entire career, splitting my time between Sports, Events and Show Production. I worked for Walt Disney Entertainment, amongst other global companies, and gathered tremendous corporate experience. With that said, I began to dream of entrepreneurship and a new life in Israel, looking to “settle down”. Read more  >>

Check-ER, the app by two Sofaer alumni, is the optimizing wait times in Emergency Rooms. Leon Hulli and Rachel Bodkier, two Sofaer Alum based in Tel Aviv, developed Check-ER, a mobile app to optimize the wait time in Emergency Rooms. Check-ER calculates patients waiting time by connecting to a hospital’s administrative data, and then organizes the queue based on a preliminary diagnosis, giving priority to urgent cases. Read more >>

After working at a newly established German consultancy called Meibom & Brecht, being part of the team to establish their business activities, and learning about the importance of a grounded brand, I returned to Israel with a burning desire to learn more about branding and its importance for all stakeholders. There was much that I wanted and needed to learn and understand. Therefore, I decided to take the next step in my career and pursue a MBA. Read More >>

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