Company Innovators

Rachel (Class of 2012); Post MBA: Microsoft
Interested in launching new products?  Securing venture capital?  How about marketing existing services to new industries or driving innovative ideas within established companies?  Then, our focus for company innovators is for you.  


Course Highlights

  • Management of Technology & Innovation
  • Venture Capital & Entrepreneurial Management
  • Lessons Learned from Israeli Innovation (details below) 
    a joint course with the Wharton School of Management 
  • Development of Hi-Tech Companies & R&D
  • Case Studies in Strategy (pre-requisite to the Sofaer International Case Competition, details below)
  • Strategic Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Doing Business in Emerging Markets
  • Change Management 
  • New Product Development 
  • Creativity Management 
  • Competitive Intelligence & Tech Transfer
  • Master Classes with Industry & Entrepreneurial Leaders 
  • Consulting Projects for Company Innovators (details below)  

*courses subject to change ​



Consulting Projects for Company Innovators
Projects is a 2-credit course that connects small groups of students from the Sofaer IMBA and the Hebrew MBA in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Technology to Israeli tech companies for consulting projects that focus on strategic and marketing oriented challenges.  

Lessons Learned from Israeli Innovationa joint course with the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
The demographics, history and geo-political dynamics of Israel are unique, but there are numerous lessons from the Israeli experience of innovation that can be applied to regional economic growth, human resource development, effective use of capital, management of technological resources, and fostering an innovative culture and organization.This intensive 1-week course is designed for Sofaer IMBA and Wharton students. The course is co-taught by Recanati and Wharton lecturers.


IMBA Internship Program 
Whether you are interested in moving forward in your current professional track or pivoting in a new direction, internships provide invaluable experience to expand skills, leverage knowledge, and increase professional networks.  IMBA students have the opportunity to take on an internship for academic credit or as a paid intern with companies ranging from large-scale Israeli firms such as NICE Systems, to international consulting companies such as Accenture, or Multinational Corporations like HP. 


Sofaer International Case Competition (SICC)

Each year Tel Aviv University’s Recanati Business School invites MBA students from around the world to participate in the Sofaer International Case Competition (SICC).  Approximately 8 teams from leading international business schools join 4 Israeli MBA teams in Tel Aviv to compete.   The selected case‐study, written for the competition by a professional team at the Recanati Business School, focuses on a strategic challenge or dilemma facing an Israeli company operating in the global market. Each case places an emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship.  To be eligble to compete, students must successfully complete a course title Case Studies in Strategy, taught by Dr. Nir Brueller, a Visiting Professor of Strategy at INSEAD and Tel Aviv University's Business School. 


The Recanati Consulting Club
The Recanati Consulting Club has 3 primary objectives:

  1. Prepare students for the consulting recruitment process 
  2. Increase student and alumni awareness of the management consulting industry and its major firms 
  3. Enable companies to identify the most suitable candidates among the Israeli top-class talent pool at Recanati Business School 

The club has a monthly meetings in the following formats: 

  • Case interview workshops - consultants from the top consulting firms coach students on their case interview technique and share their own experiences in the industry 
  • Case discussions - strategy professors from Recanati Business School enhance students capabilities by analyzing together case studies at different industries 
  • Management consulting industry key speakers lectures - senior members of consulting firms come to campus and deliver a speech on some of the most pertinent issues in business
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