Prof. Shai Danziger, IMBA Academic Director

"We have a great environment! Our professors have 'open door' policies and they are excited to advise and support students in the pursuit of their interests."

>> In August 2014, I was appointed Assistant Dean of International Affairs at Tel Aviv University's School of Management by Dean Prof. Moshe Zviran.  As of February 1, 2015 Prof. Zviran officially appointed me Academic Director of the Sofaer International MBA. 

As a marketer and cognitive neuroscientist, I am passionate about research and I love teaching.  Until recently, I committed most of my time to teaching (Consumer Insight and Brand Management) and to conducting research in consumer behavior and decision making with some great collaborators from such schools as Stanford University, Columbia University, NYU, and The University of Sydney. My research has been published in a variety of media including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and BBC World News. 

Reflecting on the past couple of years, I have enjoyed my new responsibilities as Academic Director.  The Sofaer International MBA is a truly dynamic program comprised of driven students and an energetic staff. Our environment is great!  Our professors have 'open door' policies and are excited to advise and support students in the pursuit of their interests.  Our program staff is fully committed to producing an exceptional class experience., and our students are full of energy and eager to leverage our ecosystem to the best of their ability. 

Together with our Dean, the IMBA's new Head of Program Dir. Iris Ginzburg, and the Sofaer IMBA staff, we've been working hard to evolve the program's academic offering in alignment with the School of Management's new focus on entrepreneurship and innovation.  Under my guidance, we are incorporating new courses and recruiting new domestic and international course lecturers.  Additionally, in collaboration with Dr. Ginzburg and the Hebrew MBA in the Management of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (a program Dr. Ginzburg and Prof. Zviran founded six years ago), we are restructuring the academic year to enable more time for internships and other practical opportunities in development.   

I am incredibly proud of the changes we have implemented to date and am excited to see the full effect come the next academic year. 

I highly encourage you to learn more.  I invite those interested in applying to the IMBA to connect with our Admissions Office.  I also encourage those interested in connecting with our program in other ways (teaching, running workshops, etc) to reach out to me.  I'd love to connect!



Prof. Shai Danziger
IMBA Academic Director 

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