Delta Start-up Studio

Venture Founders Elias (Spain), Rachel (France), & Leon (Turkey) | Class of 2015

The first pre-accelerator of its kind in Israel, the Delta Start-up Studio offers Start-up Builders and Venture Founders the opportunity to prototype early-stage ventures (theirs or others) within a highly supportive and action-oriented environment.  IMBA students will tighten their venture offering, strengthen team leading capabilities, build prototypes, and solidify their pitch via workshops, prototyping rounds, and mentoring.  


The goal of the Delta Start-up Studio is to ultimately mature new concepts to be accelerator and/or pre-seed investor ready. The course culminates in a Demo Day, where select ventures get to pitch to a panel comprised of accelerator managers and pre-seed investors.   


Students will workshop many key skills and concepts, including:

  1. Design thinking as a systematic decision making method 
  2. Client preservations oriented product design 
  3. Storytelling, video creation, presentation workshops 
  4. Modeling, UX, rapid prototyping workshops 
  5. Presentation simulations


Course Structure

Delta is an intense "crash course" designed to substantially advance participants' ventures in a short period of time.   The course (worth 2 credits) is comprised of workshops, a Hakathon, mentoring sessions, and a Demo Day. 


Week  Title Topics Duration 
1 Kickoff / Launchpad  Offering 14:00-21:00
2 Empathy Value Proposition  14:00-21:00
3 Customers Team reviews, mockup tools, UX 14:00-21:00
4 Team  Pre-Hackathon intergration  14:00-21:00
5 Hackathon  Prototype 2 full days
6 Story + VCs  Presentations, visual business canvas model 14:00-21:00
7 Story + VCs  Team reviews 14:00-21:00
8 Demo Day Demo Day and next steps 14:00-21:00


Course Assignments 

  • Each week teams will receive specific assignments they will have to submit either in the following week or shortly after.  These assignments will be practical and directly related to the promotion of the specific venture the students are engaged in. The assignments will refer to key topics, including:
    • Pitching a new concept/venture/idea
    • Utilizing the business canvas methodology
    • Building a successful team and dealing with team conflicts
    • The essentials of a business plan
  • Each assignment will be graded by the course instructors, either during the actual session or shortly after.  
  • The participants are expected to be highly committed and work closely with the course instructors/mentors.

Demo Day

The Delta Start-up Studio culminates in a Demo Day.  Ventures that have reached certain benchmarks are chosen to pitch to a panel of high-level judges comprised of accelerator managers and potential investors. Take a look at some cool pictures from 2016's experience!

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