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The 1-year program designed 
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Whether you want to found your own venture, dive into Tel Aviv's start-up culture, or connect with Multinational Corporations, the Sofaer International MBA's 1-year curriculum provides you the skills, practical experience, network, and multifaceted career support to achieve your goals in fast forward. 


Learn Comprehensive Courses


Our curriculum combines a foundational core in business management and entrepreneurial and innovation principles with a wide-variety of electives designed for students with career ambitions ranging from founding ventures, building start-ups, to leading innovative processes in multinational companies.

Courses are taught by School of Management faculty, visiting lecturers from top international institutions like Brown University and the Wharton School of Management, and leading industry experts.


Grow A Time to Explore 



An MBA is a time to explore new territory and strive for new opportunities.  After the MBA most students experience 'career transitions,' and move into new professional paths. 

Taking this into consideration, the Sofaer International MBA provides students with a wide array of tailored opportunities to familiarize themselves with different professional functions and industries of interest to give them the tools, know-how, and network to engage in a successful job search. 

Examples include:

  • IMBA Career Management Series
    Run by the School's Career Management Center, this multi-disciplinary series combines frontal lectures, workshops, and individual coaching sessions to advance students' ability to achieve their post-program career goals.

  • Studio for Entrepreneurs
    This is a unique three month session that brings together acting, business and personal reflections to help students better understand their goals, motivations and passions. It's a great opportunity for students to discover their true passions and overcome barriers that inhibit their pursuit to success.

  • Master Class Series
    Comprised of one-off intensive sessions, our Master Class Series provides cutting-edge practical content taught by industry experts in a condensed format.


Prototype You in Action 



The Sofaer IMBA provides you with the opportunity to prototype your own entrepreneurial and professional skills.  From the second part of the program, the courses are generally held between 3:45 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. during the week, and on Friday mornings. This provides students enough time for practical courses such as the Delta Pre-Accelerator, as well as internships.


"The fact the program is only 1-year helped me move very quickly to my next step."



Ariel (Argentina) | Class of 2013

Post-MBA: Company Innovator with Sisense

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