Experiential Learning

The Sofaer GMBA focuses on experiential learning and enables students to prototype their own entrepreneurial and professional skills. Throughout the program, students have a diverse array of opportunities to gain practical experience; whether they aspire to be venture founders, startup builders or company innovators.


Experiential Learning Courses








Studio: Unique Personal Development Workshop


Studio is a unique personal development program. During the program, two amazing mentors, Ofer Glazer and Tzachy Milman, guide students through a three-month personal process of self-discovery in order to locate their true passion and the barriers that can inhibit them from pursuing it. The students take part in different experiences, and face challenges and obstacles that emerge during an entrepreneurial journey or their personal lives in order to better develop their ability to cope with difficulties and improve capabilities to recover from them. Studio consists of eight group meetings and eight personal and team coaching sessions.


“Ofer and Tzachy were phenomenal in their work in Studio. They gave me renewed confidence in myself, in my natural abilities, and helped me realize what was holding me back. Their non-traditional, fun, exciting, and very effective techniques and games really made an impact on me. Additionally, Ofer and Tzachy would continuously go out of their way to schedule in personal meetings, where we would be able to talk about different strategies for my own personal growth. They truly cared about my development.” Arielle Sadan, USA.





Lessons Learned from Israeli Innovation: Joint Course with Wharton Business School


This is a joint course in Israel with students from the Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania, led by Dr. David Zvilichovsky of the Coller School of Management and Professor David Hsu of the Wharton School. The annual course examines the circumstances and factors which led Israel to its present status as the Startup Nation and a global source of technological innovation, through lectures by leading entrepreneurs, carrying out joint projects with Israeli industrial companies, and site visits. The combination of theoretical analysis, international team work, analyzing topical issues and meeting leading entrepreneurs and executives provides the students with an in-depth view of the local industry and Israeli innovation.




International Immersion Trips



Each year, select students studying in the Sofaer Global MBA Program as well as students studying in the MBA in Management of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program at the Coller School of Management take part in two week long specialized international entrepreneurial immersion trips. Students take their ideas developed in the Delta Pre-Accelerator Program  and connect with a new innovation ecosystem abroad in order to promote their startups and connect with hi-tech industry leaders and venture capitalists for venture opportunity and growth. ​The two-week program is designed to encourage and engage a new generation of Israeli entrepreneurs and innovators through classes, workshops, and training.

​In 2018 the immersion trips will take place in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley, California and Chicago, Illinois.






International Real Estate Course & Trip: Explore the Real Estate Market in Canada


The International Real Estate Course includes a one-week visit to Toronto to explore the real estate market in Canada. The course aims to provide a hands-on experience and an up-to-date understanding of the various aspects of real estate theory and practice as applied to the North American and specifically Canadian real estate market.


The course provides a real-life learning experience of Canada's most notable financial, legal, development, business, research, policy and government firms. The course is based on academic and professional lectures, site tours, and business case presentations by banks, brokers, real estate developers, pension plans, REITs, law firms, and more.





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