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At Sofaer GMBA, you become part of the unique and high intensity startup nation ecosystem, which has its epicenter in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv.


Our ecosystem begins with the vibrancy of our GMBA cohort and the University's faculties and extends out to the dynamism of Tel-Aviv and Israel in general.

Guest speakers and mentors tend to be technology CEOs and leading researchers most recently in the fields of FinTech, Blockchain, Healthcare IT, Education, and Artificial Intelligence and include the CEOs and investors who helped rank Tel Aviv University in the Top 10 in the world for the creation of venture-backed startups as ranked by Pitchbook.

To touch the “real” Tel Aviv ecosystem from day one, our academic year in 2019 kicks-off with a structured 1-week trek for the entire class to leading startups, incubators, and corporate R&D centers throughout Israel.

Tel Aviv University's research output is the largest in Israel, and is one of the world's leading academic journals in terms of faculty size. Students at the university study with researchers of international repute, and are exposed first-hand to studies and articles cited all over the world

Entrepreneurship and innovation are leading values ​​at Tel Aviv University. The university, together with venture capital fund Tau Ventures, promotes entrepreneurship and innovation in Israel and abroad, and connects academia to industry in the best and most practical way. The funding fund invests in early-stage projects of students and graduates of the university, with the intention of increasing entrepreneurship on campus.

In addition, each year the University organizes the Innovation Conference, one of the largest in its field. Tau Innovation brings together a host of delegations, investors, senior executives and executives from Israel and abroad, and this year the conference was marked by 70 years of Israeli entrepreneurship and innovation.


Capital of Industry

Israel is a global cluster of innovation and entrepreneurship. The country produces more startups per-capita than China, India, Canada, Japan and the UK and attracts twice as much venture-capital investment as the US and 30 times more than Europe. At the center of it all is Tel Aviv. Ranked Europe’s ‘main technology hub’ by the Wall Street Journal, ‘The world’s 2nd best startup ecosystem’ by Startup Genome and ‘3rd Best City’ by Lonely Planet, Tel Aviv is the heart of the ‘Startup Nation’ and home to Israel’s startup community.

According to the Business Insider, Tel Aviv University ranks 27th in the world, and first outside the United States and Britain, in the number of millionaires who completed their studies.

The School of Business Administration ranks among the top 30 in the world, and the first in Israel, according to the Eduniversal ranking for 2016

Tel Aviv is the center of Israeli industry and commerce. Israel’s stock exchange as well as nearly 40% of the country’s finance and banking is located in Tel Aviv. Hi-tech is Israel’s number one industry and has been the engine of Israel’s rapid economic development over the past decades, even in the face of a global economic crisis. Israel has the largest number of startup firms per capita of any country and the second largest concentration of hi-tech companies, after Silicon Valley.


Global Recognition

The New York Times has described Tel Aviv as the ‘capital of Mediterranean cool.’ Lonely Planet ranked it as a top ten city for nightlife, and National Geographic named it one of the top ten beach cities.

Unique in its status as a major center of industry as well as a hub of youth culture, Tel Aviv is located on the Mediterranean coast and enjoys, on average, 318 sunny days a year. The city's public beaches are meticulously maintained and are open to visitors year-round, encouraging everything from laid back sunbathing on the sand to sporting activities such as wind surfing – a sport in which Israel won its first Olympic gold medal in 2004.


City of Youth Culture

Tel Aviv has the largest concentration of nightclubs and restaurants in Israel. Nightlife thrives in Tel Aviv due to the city’s high number of residents between the ages of 18 and 34. Some are young entrepreneurs, others are artists who come to experience Israel’s most vibrant city and of course, many are students studying at Tel Aviv University. As a result, Tel Aviv has the highest percentage of young people of any city in Israel, and the city’s infrastructure (with green, eco-friendly bikes available for rent across the city), culture and atmosphere reflect this.


Food and Culture in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has been dubbed Israel’s “cultural capital” thanks to its large and vibrant community of artists, poets, filmmakers, dancers and architects. In addition to the rich array of cultural and artistic events regularly on offer at Tel Aviv University, the city of Tel Aviv Yafo has much to offer visitors.

Travel magazine named Tel Aviv as one of the five best culinary cities in the world. 


Tel Aviv Living

Tel Aviv is a city that never sleeps and neither do the people who inhabit it. It is vibrant, full of life, and provides an endless amount of activities and places to explore. Whether you enjoy sipping coffee at boutique cafes, eating your way through delicious street food stands or dancing the night away at bars and nightclubs, Tel Aviv has it all. From Jaffa (the old southern port city) to the Namal (the new northern port of Tel Aviv), and everywhere in between, you will find it difficult to get bored. Year-round sunny weather ensures that the city’s beaches are packed on an almost daily basis.  


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