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"What really amazes me about Tel Aviv is the amount of start-ups and the high concentration of tech-companies in one place." - Elor (Estonia) | Class of 2014: Post MBA: Startup Builder with SimilarWeb

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Tel Aviv embodies the youthful and creative spirit and energy of Israel.  Urban professionals, start-up entrepreneurs, actors, artists, international business travelers and students mingle together in the city's museums, night-life hot spots, five star restaurants, fashion boutiques and beautiful beaches.

Israel & Tel Aviv's Fun Facts

  • Israel is a global cluster of innovation and entrepreneurship.  
  • The country produces more start-ups per-capita than China, India, Canada, Japan and the UK.
  • It attracts twice as much venture-capital investment as the US and 30 times more than Europe.  
  • Tel Aviv is the heart of the 'Start-Up Nation' and home to Israel’s start-up community.
  • Israel is ranked Europe's 'main technology hub' by the Wall Street Journal.
  • It is considered The world’s 2nd best start-up ecosystem” by Start-up Genome.
  • Tel Aviv is the “3rd Best City” by Lonely Planet.


"While working at a global management consulting firm I became interested in entrepreneurship and co-founded an alternative energy company.  Through this process I realized that my passion lies in forging new ventures.  While looking at different MBA programs, I quickly realized Israel was the perfect location for someone with my interests.  This country fosters a culture of entrepreuership unlike any other - and the structure of the Sofaer IMBA captures this energy and spirit."

 Marty Pollak (USA) | Class of 2011
​Post-MBA: Start-up Builder with 
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