Program Outline

Courses are selected from the list of topics detailed following. While core courses are rarely replaced, elective and advanced course offerings change from year to year.


Program Structure

The learning modules are structured in one of two formats:

1. A five-week module in which classes meet on Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings. Typically, half of the modules are offered in this format, with some courses conducted over two consecutive weeks.

2. An intensive module is conducted over a five or six consecutive full days within a single week. Typically eight of the modules, evenly spread through the two years, are offered in this format.


International live-in weeks

Some of the intensive weeks are offered in a live-in format. They include a residential component that allows participants to engage in further classroom discussions, expand their networks of business contacts and develop personal friendships. The second year of studies starts with two live-in weeks offered by the network partners and conducted at Kellogg.
Live-in weeks have much more to offer than a typical study-abroad program. As students complete courses in Negotiations, Strategy and Crisis Management, they build relationships with peers from all over the world. With many and varied professional backgrounds and national perspectives among them, students have much to teach and learn from one another. Lively classroom discussions spill out into the hallways and continue over dinner.



A Typical Sequence and Schedule of Study 2016-2018

Module 5: April - May

Intensive Module 14: June

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