Our Graduates Share

Stuart Ballan

Head of Sales,  Middle-East

PacNet Services Group of Companies

President, Kellogg-Recanati Alumni Club

Member, Kellogg Alumni Advisory Board



"From the academic point of view, the Kellogg-Recanati Program gave me the knowledge, confidence and credibility to enter business conversations that were previously ’outside of my box'.  Yet the total KR experience is far more than a two-year academic journey ….

The KR Alumni Club provided me the gateway to rapidly build a quality Israeli business and social network, a privilege and differentiator for someone who had recently emigrated from England. Furthermore, the 50,000-strong global Kellogg alumni network, the "K" in the "KR", has time and time again enabled me to develop business opportunities in companies around the globe, and at lightening speed".



Guy Bauman





"At KR, I found that the high level of expertise brought by the professors as well as many of my classmates added significant value. Discussions in the classrooms were interesting and effective, leveraging a diverse experience and knowledge base while giving a well-rounded global perspective. I am grateful to KR both for giving me the first-class program that I was looking for, as well as for the good times and the many new friends I made".



Elite Elkon


Gornitzky & Co., Advocates and Notaries



"Practicing commercial law and banking and finance law means walking the borderline between business and law. The knowledge and insight I gained at KR make my journey much easier, both as a practicing attorney and as a partner at Gornitzky & Co. My deeper understanding of my clients' goals and needs results in a more business-oriented approach to my practice. My education in management and marketing allows me to make a significant contribution to advancing the business objectives of my law firm".



Liana Gelikas

COO and Executive Consultant

Peaks Ventures Consulting LTD



"The Kellogg-Recanati IEMBA program is an excellent program, combining high academic standards, international exposure, a great atmosphere and a platform for creating relationships, business networking and new friends.

The program provides the executive manager with relevant and updated professional information, case studies and, perhaps more importantly, tools to assist the manager in better understanding contracts and the legal aspects of running business, making better financial analyses and decisions, building strategies and marketing orientation".



Guy Rolnik

Deputy Publisher, Haaretz Group

Founder & Editor-in-Chief, TheMarker Media



"What makes Kellogg-Recanati program so special is the composition of the students. I found myself learning from my classmates and from members of my study group as much as I was learning from the teachers.

The Kellogg-Recanati program is the nearest thing in Israel to the best of the business schools in the USA.

Kellogg-Recanati isn’t just theory, nor is it just the first-rate teachers. It’s a relevant and powerful connection to the evolving business reality".



Dani Shavit

Entrepreneur in the USA



"I joined the program aiming to enrich my managerial skills; it didn't take too much to understand that the program’s real added value is the international networking. In my experience, the program had three vertex points: the visit to Evanston, Illinois; the Shanghai, China visit; and the visit of students from other Kellogg partnerships to Israel. The multinational study groups exposed me to different business etiquette. Understanding the differences in the approach to solving common problems has been of great help in my current international business relations"



Avner Stepak

Vice Chairman

Meitav Investment House



"Joining the KR program was one of the most significant decisions I ever made in my life. I gained professional expertise and practical tools that I utilize in my daily business practice. Through this experience I met wonderful people, many of whom I remain in constant business and personal relations. During my study sessions abroad I also met exceptional individuals from around the world who received me with great warmth and hospitality. KR is a school for life".



Ohad Zuckerman


UniVerve Ltd.



"Even though I am one of KR01 "dinosaurs", I am still connected with the KR staff at Recanati and involved in new and exciting initiatives. KR is not just an MBA program.

It's a community, which continues to be part of your professional life many years after graduation.  You experience the highest standards of leadership and global business and gain enriching friendships for lifeDon't miss it!"



Aluf Benn

Editor in Chief

Haaretz Daily Newspaper



"As a veteran political journalist, I did not come from the typical MBA background, and many people asked me "what are you doing here." But two years at KR were an eye-opening experience. Through the program I gained exposure to people from different career paths, learning about their experiences and dilemmas. And the classes were an invaluable preparation for future management roles."



Eran Gorev

Operating Partner

Francisco Partners



"The Kellogg-Recanati program represents a unique opportunity for Israeli executives to learn from world-class professors with significant personal and professional exposure to real live case studies across multiple industries. KR expanded my professional horizon and allowed me to pursue more senior roles in the corporate world. Meaningful new friendships with my classmates, was the icing on the cake!"



Carmela Avner

VP Global Operations & CIO

Strauss Water

Former Israel Government CIO



"The great studying experience along two extensive wonderful two years, are very much related to the study groups. The mutual commitment, between the team members, the fruitful discussions, sharing of information and knowledge, support and mainly friendship ,made the phrase "one for all and all for one " not a cliche, but a reality that the method and the faculty team created. The very meaningful gift the program gave, beyond the intriguing study material, was the connections and friendship created and sustained over time."



Dalia Megiddo, MD

Chief Executive Officer

BioBlast Pharma



"The KR program was a turning point in my professional life. I acquired working tools that serve me on a daily basis and found that my performance as a manager is heavily based on the lessons learned in school from teachers and students alike."



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