MBA Program: General Track

Our MBA Program is aimed at a broad, multi-dimensional understanding of the world of business, providing students with solid foundations for careers as executives and business professionals. The MBA learning experience highlights ambitious thinking, ingenuity and perseverance, preparing students to master the challenges and difficulties of modern business life.

The Program introduces students to key fields of business & management, acquainting them with fundamental aspects of the firm and corporate management, i.e. strategy, financial accounting, information systems, value creation, organizational behavior and marketing, as well as the foundations of business ethics. During the advanced stage of their studies, students acquire applied tools and methodologies, as well as an in-depth understanding of specific business topics of their choice, out of a broad and extensive course list representing the diversity of business life. They may do so within the framework of one or two out of six specializations, including a recently-launched specialization in business consulting. Innovation, entrepreneurship and the global markets are three topics of special interest. The MBA Program offers its students flexibility in arranging their academic schedule according to the requirements of their career; alternatively, they may opt for a pre-structured track.

Our MBA students are a select group, meeting rigorous admission criteria and teaching standards. Their GMAT and SAT scores are considered particularly high amongst Israeli students. Our MBA alumni, considered to be the Israeli employer's first choice, comprise of professionals and executives across the business community, public sector and NGOs in Israel and abroad. Israel's business and professional elite has traditionally received its business education at Our MBA Program. Business leaders and the CEOs of leading corporations have made their first steps in business while in the Program, later benefitting it with their expertise as practitioner and guest lecturers.

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