Prof. Amira Galin

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Prof. Amira Galin
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Office: Recanati - Business Administration

Short Biography

Prof. Galin teaches and consults in the fields of Managing Negotiations, Mediation, Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations. She served for several years as the Chairperson of the Faculty of Management’s Organizational Behavior Program. She was editor of a book series People at Work ( published by Am Oved Publishing Co. in Hebrew), coordinator of the IIRA (International Industrial Relations Association) Study Group on Flexibility, editor of the journal Flexible Work Patterns, and a member of the editorial board of the Bulletin of Comparative Labour Relations. She also served as a director on one of Israel’s five largest banks and as a member of the Knesset (Parliament) Committee on “Salaries and other Payments to Government Officials”. Currently she serves as a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Human Resource Management and as lay judge at the Israeli National Labor Court. Prof. Galin is the author and editor of many articles and books in the fields of Negotiations and Industrial Relations. She has received several awards for her work and publications.

Fields of Interest

Managing Negotiations, Industrial Relations, Human Resource Management.

Selected publications

A.Galin, M.Gross and G.Gosalker(2007) “E-Negotiation Versus Face to Face Negotiation: What has Changed – If Anything?
Computers in Human Behavior 23: 787-797.


A.Galin, M.Gross, S.Sapir and I. Egozi (2006)“Endowment Effect on Academic Chores Trade-off: One-Shot Negotiations Versus Ongoing Negotiations” Theory and Decision 60:335-357.


A.Galin and S. Avraham. (2009) ”A Cross-Cultural Aggressiveness in the Workplace: A Comparison Between Jews and Arabs in Israel” Cross-Cultural Research 43(1):30-46


A. Galin (2009) ”Proposal Sequence and the Endowment effect in negotiation” International Journal of conflict Management 20(3): 212-227

A. Galin, (2014) “What makes Court –Referred Mediation Effective?” The International Journal of Conflict Management, Vol.25(1), pp. 21-37.

A. Galin,( 2013) “Endowment Effect in Negotiation: Groups versus Individual Decision Making”. Theory and Decision,Vol,75(3) pp.389-401. 


A. Galin (2005) Negotiation – The Hidden Dimension, (in Hebrew) Ramot – Tel Aviv University.

A.Galin, (2016), The world of Negotiation: Theories, Perceptions and Practice, World Scientific Publishing, Singapore. ICP Imperial College Press,U.K. 332 pp. 



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