Prof. Israel Spiegler

מנהלת ביה"ס למנהל עסקים אמריטוס
Prof. Israel Spiegler
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Short Biography

Professor Spiegler is the former Vice Dean of the Faculty of Management and the incumbent of the Mexico chair of Management Information Systems.

Completing a Ph.D. and M Sc. in Computers and Information Systems at UCLA, I went to the School of Management of Boston University. Upon returning to Israel, I joined the faculty of Tel Aviv University where I am a full professor, served seven years as chair of the Information System program, and chair the doctoral committee. I held visiting professor position at Claremont Graduate University, UCLA, and recently at Harvard University and Stern School at NYU.


Fields of Interest

My main area of research is Databases, their modeling, design and applications. I have been involved in this area since my work on the Data Sharing project of the ARPA network in the early 70's, a project that led to the Internet. The concept of a Binary Database, introduced in the 80's, as a new model of data representation, was applied since in subsequent studies in taxonomy, clustering, and data mining, and bioinformatics. I worked also on attaining answerability and a-priori analysis of natural language queries. More recently my work brings me to the area of knowledge management.


Academic Areas

Databases, Data mining, Knowledge Management, Artificial Intelligence.

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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