Operations & Technology Management

Operations Management examines some of the basic principles of managing the production of goods or services, and studies some useful tools. The course emphasizes tools and principles that are equally useful in service and manufacturing sectors.


Operations Strategy Business success depends on the industry in which a firm competes (what do we do?) and on its business model (how do we do it?) Operations strategy is critical to a firm’s business model, as it determines how the firm’s operational assets (e.g., plants and technologies), processes, and operational capabilities are configured and managed to promote business success. By definition, operations strategy is not concerned with the daily or weekly execution decisions of operations (i.e. the topics covered in an Operations Management class). Rather, it is concerned with the executive level operations decisions, such as the expansion or rationalization of real assets that dictate the operational footprint, capabilities, and investment needs for years to come. The course provides you with a framework to formulate an operations strategy and analyze, value, and optimizes the key decisions involved.


Intellectual Capital Management focuses on the use of ideas and knowledge as explicit forms of competitive advantage in the information economy. The most secure form of this intellectual capital is that which can be turned into a property right - intellectual property. This course surveys the forms of intellectual property and links the effective procurement and deployment of intellectual property with successful business strategies.


Venture Capital introduces the Venture Capital (VC) industry. The players of the industry and their respective roles will be presented and discussed during this course. Participants will experience the life cycle of investment decision and will learn the VC game plan and best practices of the industry. The course will allow the participant to be a knowledgeable and effective "player" if he or she eventually considers a VC-backed financing for their venture, or decides to be a part of the industry.

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