Undergraduate Program in Management

Head of the Program: Prof. Shmuel Ellis

Undergraduate Program in Management
Undergraduate Program in Management

The Undergraduate Program in Management is an undergraduate double-major program designed for students taking their first steps in business & management, providing them with the conceptual foundations for an executive career at a professional sector of their choice. Accordingly, students are required to complete a second study program at a different faculty (with computer science, economics, psychology, and law as the preferred choices for a second major), introducing them to a professional field to which their management skills could be applied.

The Program offers students the theoretical know-how and analytic skills required for management positions. Students acquire an appreciation for and an in-depth understanding of the complexity of the dilemmas facing executives and an awareness of the different strategies and perspectives that may be applied to them. The Program cultivates a broad, multi-disciplinary approach, systematically introducing students to a variety of management-related fields (e.g. economics, statistics, law, and psychology) as well as the functional areas of management (finance, marketing, operations research, information systems and technology management).

The Program's alumni hold professional and executive positions at a diversity of sectors in the business community and public service. Many of them proceed to graduate-level studies (MBA/PhD) at the School. Business leaders, CEOs and entrepreneurs in the Israeli business community and high-tech industry obtain their business concepts through the Program.

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