Prof. Ester Einhorn

מנהלת ביה"ס למנהל עסקים סגל אקדמי בכיר
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Prof. Ester Einhorn
Phone: 03-6408506
Fax: 03-6407738
Office: Recanati - Business Administration, 307


"The nature of the interaction between mandatory and voluntary disclosures", 2005, Journal of Accounting Research 43 (4): 593-621.


"Voluntary disclosure under uncertainty about the reporting objective", 2007, Journal of Accounting and Economics 43 (2-3): 245-274.


"Unbalanced information and the interaction between information acquisition, operating activities and voluntary disclosure", co-authored with Amir Ziv, 2007, The Accounting Review 82 (5): 1171-1194.


"Inter-temporal dynamics of corporate voluntary disclosures", co-authored with Amir Ziv, 2008, Journal of Accounting Research 46 (3): 567-589.


"Biased voluntary disclosure", co-authored with Amir Ziv, 2012, Review of Accounting Studies 17 (4): 420-442.


"Extracting sustainable earnings from profit margins", co-authored with Eli Amir and Itay Kama, 2013, European Accounting Review, 22 (4): 685-718.


"The role of disaggregated accounting data in detecting and suppressing earnings management", co-authored with Eli Amir and Itay Kama, 2014, Review of Accounting Studies 19 (1): 43-68.


"Under-weighting of private information by top analysts", co-authored with Gil Aharoni and Qi Zeng, 2016, Journal of Accounting Research, forthcoming.


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