Dr. Peter Zubcsek

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Dr. Peter Zubcsek
מספר: 036409564


Research Interests



Zubcsek, Peter Pal and Zsolt Katona and Miklos Sarvary (2017): “Predicting Mobile Advertising Response Using Consumer Co-Location Networks” (forthcoming at Journal of Marketing)


Cooke, Alan D. J. and Peter Pal Zubcsek (2017): “The Connected Consumer: Connected Devices and the Evolution of Customer Intelligence” (forthcoming at Journal of the Association for Consumer Research)


Grewal, Dhruv and Yakov Bart and Martin Spann and Peter Pal Zubcsek (2016): “Mobile Advertising: A Framework and Research Agenda” (in Journal of Interactive Marketing 34, pp. 3–14)


Stephen, Andrew and Peter Pal Zubcsek and Jacob Goldenberg (2016): “Lower Connectivity Is Better: The Effects of Network Structure on Redundancy of Ideas and Customer Innovativeness in Interdependent Ideation Tasks” (in Journal of Marketing Research 53(2), pp. 263–279)


Wilcox, Keith and Juliano Laran and Andrew Stephen and Peter Pal Zubcsek (2016): “How Being Busy Can Increase Motivation and Reduce Task Completion Time” (in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 110(3), pp. 371–384)


Zubcsek, Peter Pal and Imran Chowdhury and Zsolt Katona (2014): “Information Communities: The Network Structure of Communication” (in Social Networks 38, pp. 50–62)


Zubcsek, Peter Pal and Miklos Sarvary (2011): “Advertising to a Social Network” (in Quantitative Marketing and Economics 9(1), pp. 71–107)


Katona, Zsolt and Peter Pal Zubcsek and Miklos Sarvary (2011): “Network Effects and Personal Influences: The Diffusion of an Online Social Network” (in Journal of Marketing Research 48(3), pp. 425–443). 2016 O’Dell Award, Finalist



Data Analysis in Marketing, MBA

Pricing Policy, MBA

Marketing Management, BA

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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