Conference Program

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Tuesday 2.1.2018 - Doctoral Students and Junior Faculty Consortium -

Organizers: Michal Biron and Ella Miron-Spektor


Location: Faculty of Industrial Engineering,Technion,Haifa Room 424

10:00 - 10:30: Introduction and greetings

10:30 - 12:00: Learning from experience of leading academics

Anat Rafaeli – Technion

Chak Fu Lam – City University of Hong Kong

Dorit Efrat-Treister – Ben Gurion University

Russell Johnson – Michigan State University


12:00 - 12:45: Lunch break - Room 256

12:45 - 14:15: Skill-oriented round tables - Lobby


  1. Publishing - Considerations of how best to publish your research: finding the right platform, choosing publishing strategy, dealing with reviewers. 
    Gilad Chen – University of Maryland 
    Neal Ashkanasy – University of Queensland
  2. Planning your post doc 
    Michal Biron - University of Haifa  
    Arik Cheshin - University of Haifa
  3. Writing research grants 
    Anat Drach-Zahavi - University of Haifa 
    Liat Levontin - Technion
  4.  Establishing professional networks 
    Miriam Erez - Technion
    Dorit Efrat- Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
  5.  Finding the golden path between academic career and family 
     Ronit Kark - Bar-Ilan University 
    Colin Fisher - University College London
  6.  How to survive and thrive during your first years in a tenure-track. 
    Dana Vashdi - University of Haifa 
    Shaul Oreg - Hebrew University


14:15 - 14:30: Coffee break


14:30 - 15:30: Editors’ panel – Feedback on papers


15:30 - 16:00 Editors Panel Q&A Room 424


Facilitator Gilad Chen – University of Maryland


  • Neal Ashkanazy - University of Queensland
  • Peter Bamberger – Tel Aviv University
  • Russell Johnson – Michigan State University
  • Patrick Wright – University of South Carolina


1615: Travel to Tel Aviv University


18:30: Conference Opening and Welcome

Location: Leon Hall, Coller School of Management, Tel Aviv University



Moshe Zviran, Dean of Coller School of Management - greetings

Peter Bamberger & Nava Michael-Tsabari - Chairs

IOBC Life-time Achievement Award -  introduced by Daniel Heller

Keynote address by award recipient: Teresa Amabile

1930-2030 Opening Cocktail – Coller 2nd floor patio



Wednesday 3.1.18

0800 - Registration

0800 -0900 Breakfast Coller 2nd floor patio

0900 - 1000 Keynote address

Leon lecture hall - Coller School of Management

Keynote address by Brian Uzzi - introduced by Ori Weisel

Concurrent sessions:




Room 253

Room 254

Room 252


Paper session 1: Leveraging cognition for creativity: The role of experience, framing and sense giving

Chair: Jennifer Mueller


Overcoming the Liability of Novelty: The Power of Framing

Denise Falchetti & Simone Ferriani/ University of Bologna,

Gino Cattani/ Stern School of Business NYU

Helping You Help Me: How Help-Receivers’ Sensegiving Enables Helpful Help in Creative Projects

Colin Fisher/ University College London, Julianna Pillemer/ University of Pennsylvania, Teresa Amabile/ Harvard Business School


The Role of Management Team Experience in the Performance of New versus Series Video Game Development Projects

Claudia Buengeler, Wendelien van Eerde, Frederik Situmeang & Nachoem Wijnberg/ Kiel University of Amsterdam

Sensory And Narrative Innovation: Creating New Products In The Context Of Molecular Gastronomy

Micki Eisenman/ The Hebrew University, Pilar Opazo/ Columbia University, Michal Frenkel/ The Hebrew University,

Varda Wasserman/ The Open University, Israel



Paper session 2: Learning from errors and positivity

Chair: Hal Kaufman


What Do We Learn From Errors: Regulatory Focus Perspective

Anna Sycheva & Fernando Olivera/ Ivey Business School at Western University


Avoiding errors while learning from them: A team configuration approach to the error paradox

Zhanna Novikov & Eitan Naveh/ Technion,  Israel Institute of Technology, Zhike Lei/ Pepperdine University


Bringing Carl Rogers Back In: Exploring the Power of Positive Regard at Work

Natalie Shefer, Avraham Carmeli & Ravit Meitar/ Tel Aviv University


Is Stress in Action Teams Good?


Dana Vashdi, Yehudit Reuveni & Limor Ziv/ University of Haifa

Symposium 1: Optimizing the Outcomes of Creative Collaboration

Chair: Paul Paulus


The Effect of Problem Construction on Team Process and Creativity

Roni Reiter-Palmon/

University of Nebraska at Omaha


The effect of demographic and expertise diversity on divergent and convergent group creativity

Paul Paulus, Jared Kenworthy, Lauren Coursey, Ryan Gertner, Belinda Williams and Simona/ Doboli University of Texas at Arlington and Hofstra University

Does team Self-promotion Contribute to Entrepreneurial Success in Pitching Events?

Yael Zaidberg, Ella-Miron-Spektor, Miriam Erez/ Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Paradoxical leader behavior and employee creativity

Yan Shao, Bernard Nijstad, and Susanne Täuber/ University of Groningen



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​<< Symposium 1 >>


1140 – 1200 Coffee break  Coller 2nd floor patio




Room 253

Room 254

Room 252


Paper session 3: Leader-follower relations


Chair: Elliot Lasson


When Visions and Goals go Hand in Hand – Investigating the Effects of Vision-Goal Alignment on Followers’ Performance –

Viktoria Gochmann/ University of Kassel

Daan Stam/ Rotterdam School of Management

Meir Shemla/ Rotterdam School of Management


Effects of Person-supervisor proactive personality congruence on idea implementation -

Roopak Kumar Gupta/ T.A.PAI Management Institute/ India


Playful Leaders: The Balance Between Creative Devince Vs. Conformity-

Ronit Kark/ Bar-Ilan University
Charalampos Mainemelis/ ALBA Graduate Business School, Billian Lin/ The Chinese University of Hong Kong


It takes two to salsa: The interplay between HR systems and leadership attachment styles for employee creativity and innovation –

Sasa Batistič/ Tilburg University
Matej Černe & Maruša Premru / Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Renata Kenda/ Henley Business School, University of Reading


Paper session 4: Affect and emotion: Their role in creativity and teams


Chair: Neal Ashkanazy


Family Firms As Emotional Organizations: Measuring Bounded Emotionality Among Nonfamily Employees

Nava Michael-Tsabari/ Tel Aviv University, Anat Rafaeli/ Technion


The Creative Benefits of Wearing Hearts on Sleeves: Authentic Affect Climate, Surface Acting, and Team Creativity-

Michael Parke/ London Business  School – Best Paper Award finalist



"We Are All One Family": The Role of the Family Metaphor in Promoting Help and Viability in Newly Formed Work Groups

Ilanit SimanTov-Nachlieli & Simone Moran/ Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Daniel Heller/ Tel-Aviv University


Team affect in the different phases of the Design Thinking process -

Benedikt Ewald, Axel Menning, Claudia Nicolai & Ulrich Weinberg/ Hasso-Plattner-Institute, Potsdam, Germany

Symposium 2: Fostering Creativity in Organizations: Designing Positive Interpersonal Work Environments

Chair: Sharon Arieli &Adi Amit

Discussant: Teresa Amabile

Increasing the Pie: The Effect of High Quality Listening on Creativity in Negotiation

Guy Itzchakov/ Ono Academic College

Sharon Arieli/ The Open University of Israel

Shirli Kopelman/ Michigan State University


Psychological Safety, Group Diversity and Creativity

Sharon Arieli/ The Open University of Israel

Tammy Rubel-Lifshitz, Andrey Elster, Lilach Sagiv/ The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Bjørn Z. Ekelund/ Human Factors AS, Norway


Collaboration, Power and Dyadic Creativity

Tammy Rubel–Lifschitz and Lilach Sagiv/ The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Subjective Value in Teams and Creative Problem Solving in Sync

Adi Amit/ The Open University of Israel



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<< Symposium 2 >>


1330 – 1430    Lunch break    Coller 2nd floor patio


1345 – 1430
Poster  resentations   
Coller 2nd floor patio




  1. How to Get Ahead in Life? A Multi-level Cross-cultural Investigation of the Universality of Merit Beliefs and the Role of Economic Wealth  Nir Kaftan/ Tel-Aviv University
  2. ADHD: A Liability or an Asset for Creativity in Organizations? Elliot (Eliyahu) D. Lasson/ UMBC
  3. The mathematics of creativity Leonie Hallo/ The University of Adelaide
  4. The cost of service climate on employees' emotional labor: Are high performers immune? Dana Vashdi/ University of Haifa
  5. The Lucretian swerve debate on free will: implications for creativity Federico Magni/ Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
  6. The star that shines:  Peer leaders’ Psychological Capital as means to mitigate negative organizational outcomes Mirit K. Grabarski/ Ivey Business School
  7. Organizational culture among IT employees and turnover intention: Internal marketing moderation Limor Kessler Ladelsky/ Ramat Gan Academic College / Bar Ilan University
  8. Is it the Face or the Body: The Effects of Body and Face Emotional Displays on Emotion Recognition and Negotiation Arik Cheshin/ University of Haifa
  9. The Impact of Affect in the Product Description on Online Customer to Customer Sales Arik Cheshin/ University of Haifa
  10. Leadership Quotes in Organizations: An Exploration of the Effects of Popular Leadership Quotes Aidan Dumaisnil/ Haksayne School of Business, University of Calgary
  11. Turning Innovation Novices Into Innovation Experts? An Experimental Test to Develop Implicit Knowledge About Innovation Saar Van Lysebetten/ Ghent University
  12.  Pre-negotiation Gestures: Are They Always Beneficial? How Monetary vs. Non-Monetary Gestures impact Negotiation Hadar Shany/ Ben-Gurion University of The Negev
  13.  From personal resources to team innovation: The impact of team climate and leadership style Jean-Pierre Neveu/ Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour
  14. The Chicken-and- Egg of Social Media: A Look at Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Millennials Livia Levine
  15. Emotionally Engaged Civil Servants: Towards a Multi-Level Theory and Multi-Source Analysis in Public Administration Zehavit Levitays/ University of Haifa


Room 253

Room 254

Room 252


Paper session 5: The social context of creativity

Chair: Colin Fisher


The temporal dynamics of creativity and idea implementation in teams 

Kathrin Rosing/ University of Kassel, Germany, Ronald Bledow/ Singapore Management University, Michael Frese/ NUS Business School, Singapore


A Dynamic Multilevel Model of Social Capital and Creativity

Emily H. Rosado-Solomon/ Rutgers University, Frederick Scott Bentley & Fredrick Scott Bentley/ Binghamton University


The Experience of Improvising in Organizations: A Creative Process Perspective

Colin Fisher/ University College London, Frank Barrett/ Naval Postgraduate School

The benefits of unequal rank: Power asymmetry and dyadic creativity

Martha Topete, Nathan Bettancourt & Flore Bridoux/ Amsterdam Business School University of Amsterdam


Paper session 6: Self-regulation and interpersonal relations in organizations

Chair: Sharon Toker


I Do Not Need Feedback! Or Do I? Self-Efficacy, Perspective Taking, and Downward Feedback Seeking-

Elad N. Sherf & Elizabeth W. Morrison / New York University


Minding Employees' Mind-Wandering: Introducing A Novel Framework And Proposing Work Task Performance Outcomes

Einat Yaor & Sharon Toker/ Tel Aviv University


The Role of Mental Construal in Buffering Aggression

Dorit Efrat-Treister/ Ben-Gurion University of the Negev,

Sandra Robinson, Michael Daniels & Emily Jeong/ University of British Columbia



The Value of Sacrifice - Relative Evaluation of Prosocial Behavior

Gil Peleg, Oded Lowengart & Daniel Shapira/ Ben-Gurion University of the Negev



Symposium 3: Studying Customer Service: Using New and Creative Methods to Address Core Research Questions

Chair: Anat Rafaeli


Avoiding customer abandonment during wait for online service:
Give them information, and let them meander, but be careful – they anchor!

Monika Westphal,  Anat RafaeliGalit B. Yom-Tov/ Technion



Customer Service through Twitter: Customer Emotions and Problems and Employee Emotion Tactics as Signals of Service Quality

Anat Rafaeli/ Technion, 
Gilad Chen/ University of Maryland, David Spivak, Daniel Altman, Shelly Ashtar/ Technion


Customer expressions of emotion in customer service: What do they really look like?

Daniel Altman, Galit B. Yom-Tov, Anat Rafaeli, Shelly Ashtar, Monika Westphal/ Technion

Michael Natapov Neta Barkay/ LivePerson Inc.


The added benefits of customer positive emotions: They make employees respond more quickly and take shorter breaks

Shelly Ashtar,  Galit B. Yom-Tov, Anat Rafaeli,  & Daniel Altman/ Technion



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<< Symposium 3 >>


1600 – 1620 Coffee break  Coller 2nd floor patio



Room 253

Room 254

Room 252


Paper session 7: Insights into stress and negative emotional states

Chair: Jean-Pierre Neveu


Have We Forgotten about the Leader in Organization Stress Research?

Stacey Kessler/ Montclair State University, Lorenzo Lucianetti/ University of Chieti and Pescara Viale Pindaro, Shani Pindek/ University of Haifa, Paul Spector/ University of South Florida


My Sensitivity is Your Business: Is the Detrimental Effect of Sensory-Processing Sensitivity on Others Social Anxiety Attenuate

Yaara Turjeman-Levi, Avraham N. Kluger & Guy Itzchakov/ The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Stress and Sleep: A Daily Diary Study Using FitBits

Shani Pindek/University of Haifa, Stacey Kessler/ Montclair State University, Alexandra Krajcevska/ University of South Florida, Zhiqing Zhou/ Florida Institute of Technology,, Paul Spector/ University of South Florida


An Organizational House of Cards: How Witnessing Rudeness Undermines Intergroup Cooperation

Binyamin Cooper/ University of Florida, Troy Pounds/ University of Central Florida, College of Business, Nir Halevy/ Stanford Graduate School of Business, Amir Erez/ University of Florida, Warrington College of Business

Paper session 8: Dyads, teams and networks: Conflict and cooperation

Chair: Yuval Kalish


Creative Sparks: Task Conflict, Cultural Intelligence, And Creativity

Sabina Bogilović/ University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Miha Škerlavaj/ BI Norwegian Business School, James Berry/ University College London, Matej Černe/ University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


Is there a ‘problematic’ amount of diversity? The impact of faultlines on design thinking teams’ outcomes and task conflicts

Paul C. Endrejat, Julia Straube & Simone Kauffeld/ Technische Universität Braunschweig


Getting Less than What You Pay for: Negotiations Harm Post-Agreement Motivation

Einav Hart & Maurice Schweitzer/ University of Pennsylvania



If I Had the Time of My Life: Couples’ Actual and Preferred Work Hour Arrangements Across 20 Countries

Ronit Waismel-Manor/ Netanya Academic College


Symposium 4: Motivating Creativity Over Context and Time

Chair: Moran Lazar & Ella Miron-Spektor

Discussant: Teresa Amabile

Motivating Creativity Over Time: Learning and Performance Achievement Goals and Creativity Momentum

Ella Miron-Spektor/ Technion

Dana Vashdi/ University of Haifa,


Getting Attached: Emotional Attachment to New Ideas in Different Cultures

Moran Lazar/ Technion

Ella Miron-Spektor/ Technion

Jennifer S. Mueller/ University of San Diego 

Collective Aspirations: Collective Regulatory Focus as a Mediator of the Effects of Leadership and Chronic Regulatory Focus on Team Creativity

Dina Van Dijk/ Ben-Gurion University

Ronit Kark/ Bar-Ilan University

Fadel Matta/ University of Georgia

Russell Johnson/ Michigan State University


The Bureaucracy- Innovation Relations in Chinese Firms

Deborah Morgensztern/ Technion

Weiguo Zhong/ Peking University

Miriam Erez/ Technion

Cynthia Lee/ Northeastern University



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<< Symposium 4 >>

18:00-18:10 Wine & cheese for those who join the World Café afterwards 2nd Floor Patio


World Café: A joint introspection on innovation and creativity in organizational behavior research and practice – A get-together sponsored by IPPA – Israel Organizational Development Association

2nd Floor Patio 



Thursday 4.1.18

0800 -0900 Breakfast Coller 2nd floor patio

0900 – 1000 Keynote address

Leon lecture hall – Coller School of Management

Keynote address by Jack Goncalo -  introduced by Carmit Tadmor

Concurrent sessions:


Room 253

Room 254

Room 252


Paper session 9: Creativity in teams

Chair: Elizabeth Campbell


The Influence of Work Group Bonding on Effectiveness: Group Cohesion versus Transactive Memory Mediating Role

Motti Klang/ University of Haifa
​Gil Luria/ University of Haifa


Transforming Individual Creativity into Group Innovation: The Mediating Roles of Knowledge Hiding and Psychological Entitlement

Matej Černe, Sabina Bogilović & Marika Miminoshvili/ Faculty of Economics University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Pengcheng Zhang/ Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

When Differences Create Deference: Pros and cons of performance disparity for team innovation


Elizabeth Campbell/ University of MinnesotaBest Paper Award finalist

Paper session 10: Gender and voice

Chair: Ella Miron-Spektor


Exit and Failure in Technology Start-Ups: The Effect of Women Entrepreneurs and Managers

Eliran Solodoha, Stav Rosenzweig  & Shai Harel/ Ben-Gurion University of the Negev


What Does it Take for Voice Behavior to Lead to Creative Performance? Supervisor Listening as a Boundary Condition

Hun Whee Lee & Russell Johnson/ Michigan State University, Jun Yang/ East Carolina University, Zhenyu Liao/ Washington University in Saint Louis


Taking Women Seriously: The Effect of Humor Expression and Gender on Social Influence

Emuna Eliav & Ella Miron-Spektor/ Technion, Julia Bear/ Stony Brook University


“Say It as It Is” or “Beat Around the Bush”? Consequences of Voice Directness, Voice Politeness, and Credibility on Managerial Endorsement of Creative Ideas

Chak Fu Lam/ City University of Hong Kong, Cynthia Lee/ Northeastern University, Yang Sui/ University of Science & Technology Beijing,


Symposium 5: Listening: A dyadic phenomena affecting negotiation, humility, work attitudes, and bounded by negativity

Chair: Michal Lehmann & Avraham N. Kluger


Listening and creative agreements

Jeffrey Loewenstein/ University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Listening to the powerful and the powerful listening: Power differences as a moderator of the effects of listening to successes (capitalization) and failures (social support) on intimacy at the workplace

Yaron Sela/ The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Can listening lead you to "know thyself"? The effects of listening on humility

Michal Lehmann/ The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Can holding a stick improve listening at work? The effect of listening circles on employees' emotions and cognitions

Guy Itzchakov/ Ono Academic College, Faculty of Business Administration


Social relations modeling of listening

Avraham Kluger/ The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Thomas Malloy/Rhode Island College



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<< Symposium 5 >>


1140 – 1200 Coffee break  Coller 2nd floor patio



Room 253

Room 254

Room 252


Paper session 11: Fostering creativity


Chair: Marieke Roskes

Divine Inhibition: Thinking about God Makes Believers Less Creative

Verena Krause/ University College London, Jack A. Goncalo/ University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Sebastian Deri/ Cornell University, Carmit T. Tadmor/ Tel Aviv University (Carmit will present on Verena's behalf)Best Paper Award finalist

Modes of secrecy influencing creativity in innovation processes. Examples from the Danish Pharma Industry

Birke Dorothea Otto & Jana Costas/ European University Viadrina

Providing structure to facilitate creativity

Marieke Roskes/ Utrecht University

Unconscious inspiration: Frequent interruptions can spark creativity -  Emuna Eliav & Ella Miron-Spektor/ Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

Paper session 12: Managing values, identity and reputation

Chair: Hilla Peretz


Holonic Approach to Management of Construction Enterprises


Tiep Nguyen, Leonie Hallo & Alex Gorod/ The University of Adelaide


Mid-level Managers in multi-national hi-tech organizations as Constructors of Value and Worth

Rachel von Kauffmann/ 
Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Generation Y and work values: are they really that different?

Hilla Peretz/ Ort Braude Academic College of Engineering, Emma Parry/ Cranfield University, Yitzhak Fried/ Texas Tech University


The advantage of having an honest reputation: The “Big Two” agency and communion dimensions in negotiations

Ilanit SimanTov-Nachlieli, Simone Moran & Liron Har-Vardi/Ben-Gurion University of the Negev



Paper session 13: creativity at the individual level

Chair: Miriam Erez


How To Measure A Person’s Innovation Insights? The Development & Validation Of A Situational Judgment Test of Innovation Skills-

Saar Van Lysebetten, Cédric Velghe & Frederik Anseel/Ghent University


Problem Structuring and Creativity – Effects of Work-Time and Need for Cognitive Closure-

Ori Ronen, Miriam Erez & Gabriela Goldschmidt/Technion


A Route to Insight via Another’s Pain: The Facilitating Effect of Schadenfreude on Creativity-

Sara Wheeler-Smith, Amir Erez & Elisabeth Gilbert/ University of Florida (Benny Copper will present on their behalf)


Who becomes famous among creative pioneers? A large-scale study of the relationship between fame and artistic creativity across time and space

Mitali Banerjee/ HEC Paris


“I am going to die if I continue in a corporate job”:  Navigating the transition to claiming creative identity at work-


Jennifer Lynch/ London Business School





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1330 – 1430    Lunch break    Coller 2nd floor patio



Room 253

Room 254

Room 252


Paper session 14: New Methods and Approaches in Creativity and Climate Research

Chair: Yoav Ganzach


A Failure to Disagree: The Role of Panel Diversity in Creative Evaluation and Forecasting

Davide Bavato, Daan Stam & Inga Hoever/ Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University


The EDEN Model: A Framework For Studying The Dynamics Of Creative Exploration At High Resolution

Lior Noy/ Weizmann institute of science, Theatre Lab


Disentangling Reflection Strategy and Focus: The Combined Effects of Task and Imaginative Reflection on Creativity

Julie Rosseel &  Frederik Anseel/ Ghent Universityy - Best Paper Award finalist


​What You See is What You Get? Enhancing Methodological Transparency in Organizational Behavior Research

Herman Aguinis & Ravi Ramani/ George Washington University


A new level of analysis in climate research: Informal friends cliques

Renana Arizon Peretz & Gil Luria/ University of Haifa, Yuval Kalish/ Tel Aviv University, Dov Zohar/ Technion




Paper session 15: Managing innovation: Constraints and facilitators at work and at home

Chair: Sabine Sonnentag


Innovation in safety management: Management challenges in assimilation of 'in-Vehicle Data Recorder' (IVDR) to improve driving

Ofir Mimran & Gil Luria/ University of Haifa



Dual-Career Couples:  Talking About One’s Work During The Evening, Subsequent Positive Affect,  And Creativity At Work

Sabine Sonnentag/ University of Mannheim, Cornelia Niessen/ University of Erlangen-Nuernberg, Dana Unger/ University of East Anglia, Angela Kuonath/ LMU Munich

Innovative under Time Pressure: The Pivotal Role of Temporal Leadership and Employees’ Human Energy

Patrick Tinguely, Shiko Ben-Menahem, Vivianna Fang He & Georg von Krogh/ ETH Zurich

Innovation, change and paradoxical behaviours in Scientific R & D teams

Oluremi Ayoko & Victor Callan/  The University of Queensland, Australia

Engaged Employees and Innovative Supervisors: Fostering Innovative Work Behavior and Performance among Public Sector Employees

Matej Černe/ Faculty of Economics University of Ljubljana, Maja Tadić Vujčić/ Institute Ivo Pilar, Croatia, Tomislav Hernaus/ Faculty of Economics and Business University of Zagreb, Croatia


Symposium 6: The Infrastructure of Innovative High tech Organizations


Chair: Nurit Zaidman


Unconferences as Platforms for Innovation Competencies Enhancement


Yifat TurbinerBen-Gurion University of the Negev



Listening in team meetings in the hi-tech industry and its effect on knowledge transfer


Osnat Bouskila-Yam/ Ben-Gurion University of the Negev



Psychological Contracts of Virtual and On-Location Employees in a High-tech Corporation: An Exploratory Study

Lee Gazit Gordon and Nurit Zaidman/ Ben-Gurion University of the Negev


The meaning of work in Multicultural Organization from the minority perspective

​Merav Frankel, Nurit Zaidman, Guy Ben-Porat/

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev




<<14th sessıon abstracts>>

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<< Symposium 6 >>



Closing ceremony – Best paper award, closing remarks and drinks

Coller 2nd floor patio

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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