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The Coller School of Management's broad range of institutes, centers and chairs provide the School’s scholars with a framework for promoting research initiatives and fostering collaboration on designated topics of interest. Our centers and institutes cover a broad range of topics and agendas: information systems, strategic management, accounting, real estate, and high-tech, global business, entrepreneurship, insurance, and healthcare systems.  


Additionally, the activities and platforms conducted by the School's centers and institutes – calls for papers, grants, professional clubs, research catalogues – are an important source of support for new studies, paradigms and research agendas, sharing their output with the business community. They create opportunities for field-academia dialogue, allowing academia and business to keep in tune with each other and learn from each other's perspective.


Chairs are awarded to individual staff members in recognition of their work in a particular academic field.

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M.W. Erhard Center for Higher Studies and Research in Insurance

Head of Center: Dr Jacob Oded

Established in 1974, the Erhard Center encourages advanced studies and research in insurance and risk management.  The Center supports invitation of guest researchers, seminars and conferences. The center also supports purchasing and maintaining international financial databases.



The Miriam and Georg Faktor Entrepreneurial Center

Center Head: Prof. Danit Ein Gar

Established in 1991, the Faktor Center is committed to promoting a better understanding of entrepreneurship, its role in the economy, and its potential for growth in Israel. Its activities revolve around three primary functions: research, education, business assistance. The Center promotes and publishes original entrepreneurship research - both local and international.



Max Perlman Center for Global Business

Center Head: Prof. Shai Danziger

Established in 1997, the Perlman Center is devoted to advancing teaching and research on multinational and international business. It supports research on global management issues; organizes conferences, publishes research reports, and hosts leading executives with experience in global management as visiting scholars and teachers at the School, while also developing and promoting relevant curricula for Coller's various programs.



Bloomberg Sagol Center for City Leadership at Tel Aviv University

Center Head: Prof. Moshe  Zviran
Director: Ms. Edit Bar

The Bloomberg Sagol Center for City Leadership at Tel Aviv University was established at the Coller School of Management in 2022 through a collaborative effort involving the Bloomberg Foundation, the Sagol Family Foundation, and Tel Aviv University.  Inspired by the Center for City Leadership at Harvard University, its primary objective is to enhance the quality of life for residents within Israeli local authorities.  The center endeavors to bolster the effective performance of mayors and executives of local authorities while concurrently advancing knowledge through research initiatives focused on issues pertinent to local governance. Currently, the Center operates a leadership program tailored for mayors and senior executives in local authorities, a research center and innovation and data-driven tracks.

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Raya Strauss Family Business Research Center 

Center Head: Prof. Itai Ater

Director: Dr. Nava Michael Tsabari

Established in 2014, the Strauss Center will act to develop the academic and practical knowledge of family businesses in Israel and throughout the world, focusing on advancing the special characteristics of family businesses in Israel, including innovation and multiculturalism. 

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The Solomon Lew Center for Consumer Behavior

Center Head: Prof.  Ayala Arad

The center was established in 2020 to promote consumer behavior research and teaching, focusing on consumer welfare. The Centre is guided by two overarching principles: its interdisciplinary approach and its emphasis on the emerging field of behavioral economics.We encourage consumer behavior studies through research grants and aim to establish fruitful collaborations between researchers from different academic fields who are interested in the topic. We believe there is a benefit in integrating diverse approaches for studying consumer decision-making and welfare. Our activities include an interdisciplinary workshop on consumer decision-making and an annual international conference on behavioral economics that bring together researchers and professionals from economics, psychology, marketing, business analytics and other areas.

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