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The Coller School of Management offers an innovative portfolio of degree programs at the undergraduate and the graduate levels (BA, MBA, Executive MBA, MSc, and PhD). Our programs are designed to help our students find the right balance among their educational, professional, and personal goals. 




Undergraduate (BA)


The School's two undergraduate programs are in Accounting and Management.



Considered the strongest in Israel, the School's undergraduate program in accounting educates and trains students for careers in the profession, including as CFOs and CPAs. Graduates of the program enjoy the highest success rates on the Israeli Certified Accountants Council exams (in 2016, that rate stood at over 98%).

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The School's undergraduate program in management educates students in the fundamentals of management sciences and prepares them for a wide range of managerial positions. The program has undergone significant revisions in the past two years, with the introduction of concentrations in three areas:  big data and business analytics, finance and accounting, and marketing. 

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The Leon Recanati Graduate School Programs –  MBA/MSc


The Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration offers two different Master's degree programs in management: MBA and MSc.



The MBA Program

The MBA program provides a strong and comprehensive education for students interested in pursuing a career in business and management. The program is structured around a core curriculum and a choice of 10 areas of specialization:


  • Strategy
  • Management in a digital world Marketing
  • Technology and Information Management
  • Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior
  • Financial Management and Capital Markets
  • Real Estate Management
  • Global Management and Business Consulting
  • Business Data Science
  • Managing Healthcare Systems
  • Financial Management Systems
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

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Master of Science Degree (MSc) 

The MSc programs are more research-oriented than our mainstream MBA program, and are designed for students who are interested in acquiring focused, in-depth competence in specific areas of management. We currently offer four types of specialized MSc programs:


  • Technology and information systems
  • Financial Management and Capital Markets
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Marketing in a Digital World
  • Strategy, Operation and Markets

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Designated MBA Programs



MBA in Management of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The MBA in Management of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship prepares students for managing projects (and ultimately companies) focused on innovative ideas in high-tech, bio-tech, fin-tech, and more.  Designed for students with a strong entrepreneurial aptitude, the program offers a wide array of extra-curricular activities aimed at encouraging students to develop innovative ventures.  Having joined forces with the Sofaer International MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in 2015 (see below), the program provides students considerable exposure to international students with diverse set of experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives. Among the unique academic offerings of this program is the Delta Startup Studio, Israel’s first pre-accelerator for student-driven ventures (more on which, see under Teaching).

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MBA in Financial Management

The MBA in Financial Management for accountants prepares students for a variety of positions in financial management.  Studies include the areas of finance, strategy, marketing management, technological innovation, financial management, and, of course, management of organizational human resources.  Students of the program may incorporate business consulting studies into their course work, including theoretical courses and practical projects.

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Recanati Executive MBA

The Recanati Executive MBA, the leading program of its kind in Israel, is designed to meet the needs of practicing managers.  The program aims to prepare managers for business leadership and to provide them with professional depth.  Emphasis is placed on teamwork and application of theoretical concepts to real-life scenarios.  Comprehensive and innovative, the program is constantly reviewed and updated to incorporate the latest changes in theory and practice as well as feedback from students and alumni.  The program includes a week of international studies with Executive MBA students from leading management schools abroad.

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