Nomo Khumalo, South Africa

Nomo Khumalo, Class of 2010
The Innovator 



"Tel Aviv is a laboratory of ideas that I have not experienced since leaving the city anywhere else in the world."




Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa 
Current job title and place of work: Joint MD at The Dental Warehouse (a Henry Shein company)


What does your company do? 
We are the world's biggest suppliers to private dental, and vet practitioners in healthcare. This includes consumables, devices, equipment, financial services and practice management software.

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA?     
I was looking for a career change and advancement plus to re-energise.

What aspects of your IMBA experience, looking back now, do you really value?     
The friendships my family made, a retuning of perspective and the opportunity to work internationally.

Did you change through the course of the program? If so, in what way?     
I got younger :). The IMBA is a perfect opportunity to reflect personally and professionally. I felt I was more resolute in my values and more driven to succeed anywhere in the world.

How did studying in Tel Aviv and/or Israel impact your studies?     
If I were to choose again I would go to Tel Aviv. The cultural shock is all part of the boost you need. Tel Aviv is a laboratory of ideas that I have not experienced since leaving the city anywhere else in the world.

How did you leverage global aspects of the program? Have these aspects & opportunities impacted your career?     
I found the program to be very marketable globally.  I felt well-positioned during my interview process.  I had no doubt that companies were taking me seriously and conscidered my degree to be from an international player.  In addition, the international classmates, many of whom have remained good friends and contacts, added (and continue to add) a huge international dimension to the program.

What is your current professional role and range of responsabilities?     
In October 2013 we launched the international company (a Henry Schein company) I was working with in Europe and Australia in South Africa. I am now the Joint Managing Director of the business.

How did the program help you position yourself for your current professional role?International business activities and events that happen in Tel Aviv and at the University are a great way to network with amazing leaders from around the world. I met with the chairman of my organization at one such event and that led to a placement in London.

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