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TAU Running Club 2016
TAU Running Club 2016

TAU International Graduate Social Office

To complement your academic experience, TAU International puts great emphasis on the social component of your Tel Aviv University experience in collaboration with the graduate students' social office.


The social counselors are available to assist with all the non-academic components of life in Israel: consulting on day-to-day issues related to students' adjustment to Israel, helping with housing, helping with medical insurance (if needed), etc. The counselors also conduct a broad social program that includes trips all over Israel (North, South, Jerusalem), parties, cultural events, etc. They do this while also providing students with the tools to help them integrate independently into Tel Aviv's vibrant cultural scene.


In addition, the counselors help establish and run clubs on different topics which allows students to network with other internationals on campus, as well as with Israeli students, and to be active in various activities such as soccer, TED-based lecture club, Hillel club, and more. The graduate social office provides students with an international student senate with representatives from all of the international graduate degree programs to help students raise important issues and give them a platform to initiate and contribute to the international student community. The social staff are also active in volunteering projects.

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