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Networking is the single most powerful means of successful career management, and is by far, the most successful job search strategy.

The School of Management community offers many opportunities to nurture your networking skills and expand your personal and professional contacts.

For those engaged in a job search, opportunities to meet with company representatives will arise. Some of these will be opportunities for one-on-one networking, while others will be organized group networking events. All of these interactions will help you with career exploration, adding depth to your current understanding of a company, function or industry.

Remember networking is about relationship building; not just about expanding the number of people you know. Relationships take time to build, but these individuals may be able to help you identify job opportunities or become an advocate for you during the decision-making process.


Networking Resources & Tracking Templates


Social Networking
Just as a resume is necessary for a job interview, a professional online presence is needed for any kind of career opportunity, whether it be a new job, speaking engagement or collaboration. A LinkedIn profile, done right, can be that much-needed online resume and help ensure that the good work you do is publicly recognized and that others know how to reach you with relevant opportunities.


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Maintain your Network
Networking is about relationships, a random meeting without maintain the relation will remain just that, a random meeting. Make sure you follow-up you can send a thank you e-mail to express appreciation. Incorporate your insights from the conversation and show that you valued their time/advice.


Don’t stop there, make sure you stay in touch regularly, don’t let 6 months go by without contacting your key contacts. Share an article or news story that is relevant to something you discussed. Have desire to introduce them to someone in your network or have a piece of information that would be relevant to him/he. Have a career update.


Just be sure not to overdo it, you don’t want your contact to feel bombard by you. There is no right amount of correspondence, you need to pay attention to your contact and his/hers reactions.




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