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In order to make strong career decisions you must take the time to know yourself while simultaneously exploring opportunities in the market. Therefore, self-assessment is a crucial part of any career search process.


The purpose of self-assessment is to:

  1. Understand your personal interests, skills, motivations, passions and pressures that prompt your attraction to specific functions/industries/environments/ organizations
  2. Evaluate whether the industries/functions/companies/organizations you are attracted to really match your personal interests, skills, motivations, passions, etc.
  3. Highlight your transferable skills and added value in order to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Know your value proposition.
  4. Identify current gaps in your competencies/skills/experiences.  Once these are identified you can target which skills and experiences you want to strengthen during the course of your MBA. Examples of how to "close the gap" include:
  • Completing content-specific courses
  • Participating in an academic/non-academic internship
  • Taking on leadership positions in clubs, organizations or events
  • Actively learning about your function and/or industry and expanding your professional networks



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