The Academic Director

Dr. Yuval Kalish

When they register at the Kellogg-Recanati program, students have three basic goals in mind:

(1) to acquire advanced and effective management tools

(2) to expand their network of professional contacts

(3) to obtain prestigious academic recognition for their intellectual and managerial skills.


We make every effort to help the students achieve these goals.
The world-class faculty members who teach our courses, which are designed to be only the most relevant, ensure that students can acquire the most advanced, effective and useful tools. The various students, graduates, professionals from all sectors of the economy, and instructors with whom students come into contact over the course of their studies, enable them to significantly expand their network of acquaintances and professional business contacts. The high standards we demand of our students, in the admission process and throughout the entire course of their studies, ensure that the academic degree graduates receive upon completing their studies is accorded the highest prestige in the business and financial community, both in Israel and throughout the world.


Furthermore, we make a serious effort to ensure that studies at the Kellogg-Recanati program will be not only a highly challenging intellectual experience, but also a social experience, one that will leave its imprint after graduation. The ongoing connection of many of the graduates, among themselves, and with our academics and administrative staff, is perhaps the strongest evidence of our success in achieving these goals.



Dr. Yuval Kalish

Executive MBA Program Academic Director

The Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration

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