The program is designed for promising mid-and senior-level executives with substantial management experience. 

The typical class has students from a wide variety of different industries and organizations, ranging from lending multinational companies to startups, along with the public sector and nonprofits.

This diversity creates a stimulating learning environment. Over the years, the student body has included participants representing a wide variety of nationalities. We aim to maximize regional business opportunities—each class comprises a number of Palestinian executives as well as executives from other countries in the region and around the world. A typical class profile includes up to 25% non-Israelis. 


Executive MBA students are able to apply their newfound skills and ideas in their workplace while studying.



Deep learning through teamwork


With its emphasis on achievement through collaboration, the Kellogg-Recanati program emphasizes teamwork as an essential part of the Executive MBA experience. In general, each class is organized in groups of four to five students who meet to discuss current coursework.


Study groups are designed to maximize the diversity of skills found among teammates and create opportunities for peer learning. Before the second year the groups are reshuffled.


The study group experience is further enhanced during the global elective weeks, when groups include students from all the programs in the global network. This is an exceptional opportunity to collaborate and connect with fellow executives from different backgrounds and geographies and to broaden your perspective.This type of exposure allows participants to look at issues from new angles, reflect on their management approach, see opportunities in a whole new light, and apply newfound skills and ideas in their workplace while studying. It also effortlessly creates deep interpersonal friendships that lead to global business opportunities.


Class Profile



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