Terms of Admission & Acceptance for applying into the program:

  •  Students will have completed a minimum of one semeter of their studies.


  •  Students will have completed at least 10 academic units of core courses with a minimum grade point average of 80, by the date of their intended departure.


  • students will have participated in the "Presentation Skills Workshop", before their departure abroad. The workshop is held collectively for all the departing students.


  •  Students will have 2-3 years of work experience (preferably management experience). For those applying for an exchange in North America 3 years of work experience are required.


  •  Prefernce will be given to students who have completed courses given in English as part of their studies.


  • As the number of places in the program is limited. Therefore, the selection is carried out on the basis of the criteria mentioned above, bearing in mind the particular wishes of all the applicants.


  • Applicants are personally interviewed by the head of the program, or by a suitably qualified representative of  the head of the program.


  • Applicants are informed of the results of the selection by the end of March of any given year
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