Smart Communities Hackaton 2016

Want to learn more about Smart Communities? Join our Hackathon with students from Tel Aviv University's MBA programs in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

18 January 2016
Join our Smart Communities Hackathon

You are probably thinking, "What the hell is a Smart Community?" so let me start with asking you some questions: What is the relationship between Big Data, the Well-baby System, and the development of social capital? What is the relationship between 3-D printing, youth centers, and the development of economic capital? Is there room for strengthen geographical communities in the “Startup Nation”?


Today, community spaces in Israel and around the world suffer from an ever-increasing lack of relevancy and do not effectively leverage the benefits of technology and innovation. At the same time, the ability to collaborate and synchronize efforts between various community institution, social entrepreneurs, and active community members is a significant challenge.


In this Hackathon, we will break into how community institutions are able to become platforms for their community members as institutions that know how to leverage the strengths of their community that overcome their weaknesses, and harness their entrepreneurs and active community members for the benefit of their shared interested.  All of this will be done by taking advantage of the technology and innovation at its disposal.  


Well, what is planned in this Hackathon?

The Smart Communities Hackathon is a 36-hour marathon of creative and strategic action by multi-disciplinary teams volunteering their time and talents towards this event. The objective is to create prototypes of products that will promote significant change in the standard of living of communities and geographical neighborhoods.


The Reut Institute, the visionary institution of smart communities, will be running this Hackathon in collaboration with MBA programs that focus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the School of Management at Tel Aviv University.


Over the course of the 36-hour marathon, teams will build and test prototypes as solutions to previously identified and defined needs of communities.  The products will act as different paths to promoting and leading significant change in the standard of living of communities.


Why do we do this?

  • To break the path towards increasing the standard of living for communities and their members
  • To intelligently use Big Data collected by community institutions
  • To create a 2-way connectivity between various community institutions
  • To enable collaboration between entrepreneurs and community institutions


When & Where?

If you are in Israel and can join us.  Sign up for the Hackaton here.

  • Wednesday February 24th from 9:00 until Thursday February 25th at 20:00, in the Dan David Building at Tel Aviv University, 3rd Floor.
  • Product Presentations: Thursday February 25th at 17:45 in the Dan David Building Auditorium at Tel Aviv University.


If you want to follow us remotely, please join our Facebook Event to learn more. 


If you are an outside guest interested in a tour during the event, please connect with Rebecca Ash.  


Let the fun begin!


- Dr. Iris Ginzburg, Head of Program

For more information please contact or sign up here

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