Leading the Innovation and Entrepreneurship World

Our School of Management and Tel-Aviv University leads the Innovation and Entrepreneurship world as well- two year in a raw now that we took the #9 spot in the Top 50 Undergraduate for VC-Backed Entrepreneurs and the #11-#13 spots for the Top 50 MBA programs for VC-Backed Entrepreneurs by PitchBook, an independent and impartial private equity and venture capital research firm.

Our School also garnered the #1 spot in the "Rest of the World" category for MBA's outside of Europe and the USA.

According to the publications, PitchBook examined the academic background of hundreds of thousands of founders, entrepreneurs and startups around the world who raised capital in the last years and disscovered that 83 of our school's MBA alumni has raised a total capital of 1.11 bilion dollars. We have examined the main companies and discovered the alumni who lead them:

  • Alon Cohen, (MBA, 1999, Cum Laude), Co-founder and CEO of Houzz
  • Alon Maor, (MBA, 2001), Co-founder and CEO of Qwilt, Dan Sahar, (Management. 2000, Cum Laude and MBA, 2005), Co-founder and VP Product Marketing of Qwilt, Ehud Lerner, (KR-EMBA, 2010), VP Product Management of Qwilt and Nimrod Cohen, (MBA, 2007), VP Customer Careof Qwilt
  • Gil Levonai, (MBA, 1999, Cum Laude), Chief Marketing Officer at Zerto
  • Tal Tamir, (KR-EMBA, 2003), Co-founder and CEO of Wilocity, and Dror Meiri, VP of Business Development, (KR-EMBA, 2010). Wilocity was recently acquired by Qualcomm
  • Rami Tamir, (KR-EMBA, 2003), Co-founder and CEO of Ravello Systemsc
  • Dr. Sharon Shacham, (MBA, 2006), President and Chief Scientific Officer of Karyopharm Therapeutics
  • Igal Rotem, (MBA' 1992), Chairman of Credorax and Aviram Shemer, (Accounting, 1996 and MBA, 2000), CFO of Credorax
  • Tamir Carmi, (EMBA, 2012), Co-founder and COO at IronSource, Assaf Ben Ami, (MBA in Financial Management, 2008), CFO at IronSource, Eran Weizel, (Accounting, 2007 and an EMBA student), VP Finance at IronSource, Pamela Becker, (MBA, 2003), VP Communications at IronSource, Maya Gershon, (KR-EMBA, 2010), VP Sales and Customer Success at IronSource, Liron Rose, (Management, 1995, Cum Laude and MBA, 2001), Partner at SimilarWeb, (have been acquired by IronSource)

Last year, CrunchBase, one of the most comprehensive datasets of startup activity, has published an analysis of 2,521 capital raising cases by entrepreneurs in the United States. The data revealed that our university was ranked #15 with 25 alumni.

We examined the list and discovered who are the alumni of our school who appear next to alumni of Stanford, Harvard, Cornell, Yale, Columbia, Brown, Princeton, Duke and more:

  • Ariel Maislos, (MBA, 2000), Co-founder of CEO of Pudding Media, Anobit, (acquired by Apple) and more
  • David Govrin, (EMBA, 2000, Cum Laude), Co-founder and General Manager of Personetics Technologies, Israel
  • Talmon Marco, (Management, 2002), Founder and President of Expand Networks
  • Nadav Gur, (M.Sc. in Technology and Information Systems, 2005), Co-Founder and CEO of Desti and WorldMate
  • Noam Livnat, (MBA, 2006, Magna Cum Laude), Co-founder and VP Product of WatchDox
  • Ido Green, (M.Sc. in Technology and Information Systems, 2005, Cum Laude), Co-founder of High Gear Media 
  • Ran Cohen, (MBA, 2000). Co-founder and President of Upfront Digital Media
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