Huge transactions in the world of Israeli hi-tech

July, 2015

Huge transactions in millions of dollars in the world of Israeli hi-tech in July: IronSource has acquired Supersonic, SimilarWeb has acquired Swayy and Viber, (Rakuten), has acquired Nextpeer.


These are our alumni who lead these companies and startups:

  • Liron Rose, (Management, 1995 Cum Laude and MBA, 2001), Partner, SimilarWeb
  • Tamir Carmi, (EMBA, 2012), Co-founder and COO, IronSource
  • Assaf Ben Ami, (MBA in Financial Management, 2008), CFO, IronSource
  • Eran Weizel, (Accounting, 2007 and an EMBA student), VP Finance, IronSource
  • Pamel Becker, (MBA, 2003), VP Communications, IronSource
  • Maya Gershon, (KR-EMBA, 2010), VP Sales and Customer Success
  • Rubi Dagan, (MBA, 2012), VP R&D, Supersonic
  • Talmon Marco, (Management, 1999), Co-founder and CEO, Viber
  • Itamar Mula, (MBA in Management of Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 2013), Co-founder and VP R&D, Nextpeer


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