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The Kellogg-Recanati International Executive MBA program offers a unique opportunity to combine the two.

  • About 25% of the KR students are coming from countries other than Israel. They are either "New immigrates-Olim", Israelis who have spent many years outside the country and have decided to come back, people who currently live and work in Israel or people who leave outside the country and travel to attend classes.
  • Our experience shows that studying in the Kellogg Recanati program creates a significant added value for those people who wish to integrate in the Israeli society and business life.
  • The vast networking opportunities offered in the program starting in class, emphasized by intense team work give the participants the opportunity to get to know their class members very well, study and work with them. The networking opportunities expand later during the two international weeks held at Kellogg in the second year, as well the optional international weeks offered in Israel and at other schools belonging to the Kellogg global network.
  • The Kellogg-Recanati program has become significant in the experience of "making Aliyah" for quite a few people. The program has experienced an increase of the number of people who combined their MBA studies with their process of settling down in Israel or to exploring the option of moving here.
  • We learnt that combining studying in the program with a "time to settle down in Israel" works very well. Through their studies, the executives participating in the program meet new friends and create a very strong network, of people who are part of the top business community in Israel, they create friendships as well as business contacts and business opportunities. According with our experience, most of them decided to stay in Israel, found here jobs and "made Aliyah". Those who have decided to go back to their home country, have experienced two wonderful years in Israel, gained a lot of friends and contact, and were awarded with a joint degree of Kellogg ,Northwestern and Recanati, Tel-Aviv University.



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