Our Students are Creative Thinkers

You are creative.

Your imagination is bursting with ideas, and you are looking for the education and expertise to focus your dreams to power your next venture.


You are resilient.

You recognize that the essence of entrepreneurship and venture creation is thinking on your feet, rebounding rapidly, and adapting with agility.


You are driven.

You seek out new ideas, seize opportunities as they arise, and take stock of tools available to create your own - blazing a new path forward.


You are a thinker.

You observe, integrate information, analyze, and synthesize to arrive at a unique conclusion that others may not see.


You belong in Tel Aviv.

You belong in the Sofaer Global MBA program.


Sofaer students come from diverse backgrounds and across 6 continents, each with a unique professional development goal. What unites them is their action-oriented and forward-thinking drive.


We look forward to welcoming you to the Sofaer Global MBA at Tel Aviv University. We have every confidence that together, we can harness your creativity, drive, resilience, integrative thinking, and analytical skills, and deliver a transformative experience that will not only meet, but also exceed your expectations.


We are emboldened by your courage, and inspired by your personal story. 



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