StartUp nation after October 7th.

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25 February 2024

In the new two-part episode of The Global Connection, Jackie Goren, head of the Sofaer Global MBA program at Tel Aviv University (TAU), engages in a deep conversation with Nimrod Cohen, the managing partner of TAU Ventures, shedding light on the monumental changes that unfolded in Israel's Startup Nation since October 7.

In the first part, Nimrod Cohen shares insights into the challenges faced by his venture fund during the first weeks of war. He candidly discusses the reactions of investors, the strategies employed to navigate uncertainty, and the lessons learned in leadership and adaptability.

The second part features Nimrod turning the tables as he interviews Jackie Goren, uncovering her role and the actions taken to safeguard the Sofaer Global MBA program amidst the crisis that never have been dealt with before. Jackie reflects on the resilience of her team, their innovative approaches to communication, and the collaborative efforts that ultimately preserved the program's integrity.


Amidst the backdrop of wartime, these two episodes offer a poignant exploration of the ever-evolving landscape within Israel's entrepreneurial ecosystem and ability to support and cherish human values. Through personal accounts and real-time experiences, listeners gain invaluable insights into crisis management, leadership, and resilience, as both Nimrod Cohen and Jackie Goren navigate the challenges that were definitely not part of their plans.


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