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"I was able to pivot from non-profit, to consulting, to entrepreneurship - a feat not possible without the support of the Sofaer Global MBA"

Jude, England | Class of 2015 | Fellowship as a Startup Builder with Sirin Mobile Technologies

Our Sofaer Global MBA fellowship program


Immerse Yourself in the Israeli Ecosystem

We strongly encourage our students to seize the chance to broaden their horizons and apply the knowledge and skills acquired during their academic journey into practical settings. For those seeking a career transition, our meticulously crafted fellowship provides an avenue to explore diverse industries and domains.

For those with clear career goals, this fellowship serves as a platform to gain valuable professional exposure, expand networks, and even secure potential full-time positions post-studies.

Aside from the academic credit earned, participants will immerse themselves in Israel's vibrant startup ecosystem, engaging with top-notch companies and venture capitalists. This experience will be invaluable in propelling their careers to new heights.

Our Fellowship program is a for credit 120 hours minimum program, , ensuring substantial learning and growth opportunities. In Module 4, we dedicate two days each week specifically for this program. This initiative is closely moderated and mentored by our dedicated career department, ensuring personalized guidance and support throughout.

This is some of what our alumni said about the program:


"Whole process of the fellowship, from finding a position to working in the company, was a great opportunity to expand the network and to learn how people work in the Israeli startup ecosystem. Getting direct feedback from colleagues in different settings from my culture gave me a lot of insight on self-recognition. “


Takayuki Doi, GMBA 2022

Financial Services company



“Hands down, the highlight of my time at Sofaer was the fellowship. The most beneficial aspect of this fellowship was to explore curiosities of industries of work interest post-MBA. I was always interested in Venture Capital, but never thought I was experienced enough to get a foot in the door. The fellowship gave me a legitimate case to stick my foot out with Good Seed Ventures. While working there, I was able to learn from incredibly smart and kind coworkers who challenged and guided my experience. I became obsessed with the world of startups and now I am Co-Founder & CEO of a VC-backed startup, Prefer. Without the fellowship, I would not be where I am today.”


Jake Berber, GMBA 2022

Venture Capital



"During my fellowship, I worked at a cybersecurity startup, as a junior marketing analyst. This fellowship was an amazing experience where I met great people and gained hands-on marketing experience. I was responsible for mapping target industries and markets, understanding industry behaviors, and identifying relevant potential customers. In addition, I was responsible for analyzing competitor sales techniques and digital marketing efforts. I was also responsible for A/B testing the company website, testing different headlines and colors. I was also involved in content distribution and creation. The experience I gained from this fellowship helped me decide what career path I would like to pursue, as I gained insight into the world of marketing, which may be a good fit for me.“


Danna Leitman, GMBA 2022

Cybersecurity Startup



"The fellowship served as a platform for me to leverage my strengths of strategic thinking, creativity, and communication. I found that my educational experience at TAU enhanced these traits, making me more comfortable and effective in reaching out to people. Also, my natural entrepreneurship ability helped me in coming up with potential monetization ideas for IAEAI.”


Tim Kogan, GMBA 2023

Venture Capital

"My fellowship at Capital Nature was an extremely important part of my year in Tel Aviv. Tasting and learning from the country's VC ecosystem in the flesh was one of my priorities when I moved to Israel."

Rafaella Rivitti Lisoni, GMBA 2023

Venture Capita



Prior Fellowship Opportunities

 Companies:AppsFlyer, Capital Nature, EIT Global Outreach, Israel Legacy Partners, OneBeat, Overwolf, SFI, Solutum, TipRanks


AppsFlyer, Capital Nature, EIT Global Outreach, Israel Legacy Partners, OneBeat, Overwolf, SFI, Solutum, TipRanks


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