Finance - Accounting Seminars

(Semester A - Academic Year 2010-2011)

  Date   Speaker/Affiliation  Presentation
 26.10.10 Mahmood Khatib, 
Tel Aviv University
Bank Loan Portfolio Allocation under  Asymmetric 
  2.11.10 Assaf Hamdani, 
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Institutional Investors as Minority Shareholdrs

Daphna Ehrlich, 
Tel Aviv University

 Management Quality and Firm Performance 
 16.11.10 Sudipto Dasgupta, 
Shareholder Democracy and its Discontents:  
 Outrage, Captured boards and the Veil of Ignorance
  23.11.10 Jeffrey Zwiebel, 
Stanford University
Executive Pay, Hidden Compensation and Managerial Entrenchment
  30.11.10 Ilan Guttman, 
Stanford University
Voluntary disclosure, disclosure bias and real effects
  7.12.10 Hanukah - No Seminar  
  14.12.10 Theo Vermaelen, 
How Do Firms Make Capital Sturcture Decisions? Evidence from Acquisitions, Buybacks and Equity Issues  
19-21.12.10  Tel Aviv Finance Conference See Conference Website 
Dan Givoly 
Penn State University
 Do Analysts Account for Earnings Management? 
  28.12.10 Ronel Elul 
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
 Securitization and Mortgage Default 
 Dan Amiram, 
University of North Carolina
 Debt Contracts and Loss Given Default 
 4.1.11 Orli Sade, 
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
 A Leopard Does not Change his Spots - Evidence of Activism Persistence in the Hedge Fund Industry
 11.1.11 Ariel Markelevich, 
Suffolk University
 An Analysis of the Impact of Conversion from National Accounting Standards to International Financial Reporting
 18.1.11 Guy Kaplinsky, 
Bar Ilan University
 Sentimental Effects on Analysts' Recommendations: Time-Series and Cross-Section Analyses


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