In the area of investments, we research the pricing of financial assets (such as stocks, bonds, options and derivatives), and the factors that influence the prices and yields of these assets. We also focus on trading methods in the capital markets, trading volume and liquidity, portfolio management, various funds such as mutual funds and hedge funds, and investor behavior.

In the area of financial management, we research the financing decisions of business firms. The subjects included are: the capital structure of the firm (the debt/equity ratio), issuing stocks and bonds in the capital market, repurchasing of these capital assets, dividend policy, mergers and acquisitions. Other topics related to the area include estimating firm value, corporate governance, institutional investors and their influence on the management and value of firms, investor activism, private equity and risk capital.


We engage in both theoretical and empirical research. Their research also includes the study of information economics and its applications in the area of finance such the influence of information on the pension decisions of firms and the way in which firms and other entities choose to expose their information to the market in coordination with their financing decisions.


Once a week we hold a seminar where leading researchers from Israel and abroad present their work. Once a year, we hold a conference at which we host scholars of international repute to present the latest research in the area.


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Dr. Jacob Oded

Head of Finance Department


Prof. Danny Ben-Shahar


Prof. Nisan Langberg


Prof. Avi Wohl




Dr. Sivan Frenkel







Recent Publications



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Frenkel, S. (2015) "Repeated Interaction and Rating Inflation: A Model of Double Reputation", American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, Vol. 7(1) pp.250-80




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