Technology and Information Management

Researchers in the Technology and Information Management specialization are concerned with the way in which technology changes the business world, the organizations and the society around us.  These issues include the design and use of information technologies, the management of information and data resources, economic influences of new technologies, electronic commerce, crowdfunding and uses of data in medicine.

The research covers a range of approaches, including the use of data analytics and machine learning, the construction of models of consumer and user behavior, and their examination in the laboratory and the field, as well as the development and evaluation of economic models.







Prof. Gal Oestreicher-Singer

Head of Technology and Information Management Department


Prof. Moshe Zviran


Prof. Gad Ariav

Head of Cosulting Program

Prof. Dov Te'Eni


Prof. Moshe Leshno



Dr. Ohad Barzilay


Dr. Tomer Geva


Dr. Shachar Reichman



Dr. Sagit Bar-Gill

Dr. Lior Zalmanson

Dr. Inbal Yahav Shenberger





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