Strategy and Business Economics

In the area of Strategy and Business Economics, we research a range of questions concerning the economic and strategic decisions of firms and consumers, as well as the repercussions of these decisions on the welfare of the individual and the welfare of society as a whole.

Amongst others, our research covers the following issues:

  • Competition between firms in oligopolistic markets
  • Control over firms and antitrust policy
  • Health economics and managing healthcare systems
  • Empirical analysis of economic and public policies
  • Competition between platforms and online commerce
  • Crowdfunding
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Technological changes and the effects of networks
  • Consumer decision making
  • Behavioral economics
  • Group decision making


Our researchers make use of a broad range of research methods.  In their theoretical studies they use tools from the area of mathematics and game theory.  In their empirical studies they collect and process data on the behavior of firms and consumers. They also design controlled laboratory experiments. They publish their work in the leading journals in the area, participate in international conferences, and even take part in organizing such conferences.


Once a week we hold a seminar where leading researchers from Israel and abroad present their work. Once a year, we hold a conference at which we host scholars of international repute to present the latest research in the area.



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Prof. Yossi Spiegel




Dr. Michal Hodor




Prof. Itai Ater


Prof. Ayala Arad


Prof. Yaron Yehezkel

Associate Professor

Head of Strategy and Business Economics Department



Dr. Dotan Persitz


Dr. David Zvilichovsky



Dr. Adi Shany


Dr. Yair Antler












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