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The journal is a platform dedicated to reporting on the latest trends and advances in management research in technology, organization and the business environment. The journal publishes peer-reviewed scientific papers and critical review articles and appears twice a year.

Innovations in Management


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Below are links to the table of contents of the issues published thus far:

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Journal of The Coller school of Management No.5 September 2019

Moshe Zviran, Dan Amiram

A Guide for the Perplexed Alternative Investments


Danny Ben-Shahar, Roni Golan, Amitay Fraenkel

The Performance of Residential Real Estate Investments Compared to Financial Alternatives in Israel 1998-2018


Roni Golan

Real Estate in the Investor’s Portfolio: A Literature Review


David Disatnik

Hedge Funds: A Type of Alternative Investments


Nisan Langberg

Private Equity: Past Performance and the Challenges of Today


Dan Amiram, Gal Landau Yaari, Yaniv Feldman, Daniel Rabetti

Investments in Digital Assets and Cryptographic Currencies: Mapping and Review


Avi Wohl, Margalit Samuel

Measuring the Performance of Managed Investments: The Case of Israeli Provident Funds


Yakov Amihud, Haim Mendelson

The Effect of the Liquidity of the Firm’s Securities on Its Value


Roy Zuckerman

Non – Public Financial Information Hacks


Ari Achiaz

How Technological Innovations are Changing the World of Investment Management


Journal of The Coller school of Management No.4 May 2019

David Disatnik, Shai Danziger and Yaniv Shani

Why Do We Remember Friends as Not so Friendly in Social Interactions?


Carmit T. Tadmor

Maximizing Professional Success: Five Things to Get from Living Abroad and One Travel Warning


Tomer Geva, Shachar Reichman and Iris Somech

The Predictive Power of Engagement in Mobile Consumption


Danit Ein-Gar and Sharon Arieli

How Anticipation of Online Shaming Influences Donation-Giving?


Beni Lauterbach and Jacob Oded

Stock Repurchase Programs in Israel


Jacob Hornik

Beyond Satisfaction: How to Create Customer Delight?


Jacob Zahavi and Ronen Meiri

And the Winning Method is… StepWise Regression


Yaron Yehezkel

Vertical Contracts and Their Effects On the Cost of Living


Journal of The Coller school of Management No.3 December 2018

Ayala Arad and Ariel Rubinstein

Government Interventions that Use Psychological Insights – Why Does it Bother Us?


Yossi Spiegel

Antitrust Enforcement of the Prohibition of Excessive Prices: The Israeli Experience


Tomer Geva, Gal Oestreicher-Singer, Niv Efron and Yair Shimshoni

Using Forum and Search Data for Automotive Sales Prediction


Itay Sharoni and Eli Amir

Concentration and Competition of the Israeli Banking System During 2000-2014: an Intertemporal and International Analyses


Peter P. Zubcsek

Connected Devices, AI, and Intelligent Platforms: Drivers of the Evolution of Customer Intelligence


Jacob Zahavi

Recommendations System Based on Collaborative Filtering


Itay Kama

Financial Ratios, Earnings Persistence and Transitory Items


Arieh Riskin, Amir Erez, Peter Bamberger

Incivility’s Impact on Individual and Team Performance: a Cognitive Perspective

Journal of The Coller school of Management No.2 June 2018

Danny Ben-Shahar, Stuart Gabriel

and Roni Golan

Housing Affordability and Inequality:

A Normative Approach


Joseph Gross

Business Judgment Rule as a Shelter from

Directors' Liability


Eli Amir, Shai Levi and Adi Lazar

Have Tax Collections Increased Following the Initiation of the Justice Hotline?


Hilah Geva, Ohad Barzilay

and Gal Oestreicher-Singer

How did One Potato Salad Shock Kickstarter: The Impact of Opportunistic Behavior on Crowdfunding Platforms


Itai Ater and Itamar Popliker

SellersWillingness to Compromise on the Price A Novel Index to Identify Pricing Trends in the Housing Market


Avi Wohl and Menachem (Meni) Abudy

Liquidity and Competitiveness in Corporate Bond Trading at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange


Dan Weiss and Eyal Solganik

Voting Rules in Boards of Family Firms


Jacob Hornik

The Dark Side of Consumer Behavior: Gloating and Joy-of-Pain in Word-of-Mouth Communication towards Failure or Success of Commercial Entities


Yael Steinhart and Nira Munichor

Brand Arrogance and Consumption

Journal of The Coller school of Management No.1 November 2017


Innovations in Management


Journal of The Coller school of Management

No.1, November 2017


Sharon Toker and Nili Ben Avi

Should we be Stressed about Stress


Jacob Oded

Stock Repurchases  A Review


Eran Diari and Ohad Barzilay

Studying the Impact of Early Backers on Crowdfunding Performance


Dan Aks

The Other Side of Grandstanding


Jacob Zahavi

Predictive Analytics  From Theory to Practice


Peter Pal Zubcsek

Controlling the Structure of Online Information Flows to Solicit Innovative New Product Ideas


Eli Amir and Adi Amir

Do Passing Rates of Government CPA Examinations Predict the Future?


Nir Kaftan, Anna Dorfman

and Daniel Heller

Merit as the Leading Cause for Mobility

in Life and Pay


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