Business Economics & Strategy Seminars

(Academic Year 2015-2016)

Room : Recanati 305

At: 11:15-12:30

Business Economics & Strategy Seminars 2014-2015: /Business-Economics&Strategy-Seminars2015a

Strategy-Seminars 2013-2014: /Business-Economics&Strategy-Seminars2014b

Date Speaker/Affiliation Presentation Comment
21/10/2015      ---- Cancelled ----    
28/10/2015 Michelle Sovinsky / Department of Economics, University of Mannheim Technology Adoption, Vertical Restraints and Partial Foreclosure: Changing the Structure of an Industry  
04/11/2015 Danny ben Shahar / School of Management, Tel Aviv University Improved Information Shock and Price Dispersion a Netural Experiment in the Housing Market  
11/11/2015 Yair Antler / Department of Economics, Tel Aviv University Multilateral Risk-Sharing with  Manipulation Job Talk
18/11/2015 David Lagziel / Department of Statistics and Operation Research, Tel Aviv University Reward Schemes (Joint with Ehud Lehrer)  
25/11/2015 Avraham Ebenstein / Department of Economics, Hebrew University The Long  Run Economic Consequences of High-Stakes Examination: Evidence fron Transitory Variation in Pollution (Joint with Victor  Lavy and Sefi Roth)  
02/12/2015 David Zvilichovsky / School of Managment, Tel Aviv University (Crowd) Funding Innovation (Joint with Nisan Langberg and Praveen Kumar)  
03/12/2015 Moti Michaeli / Department of Economics, Villa San Paolo From Peer Pressure to Biased Norms (Joint with Daniel Spiro) Job Talk
06/12/2015 Joshua Sherman / Department of Economics, University of Vienna Norms and Team Formation: Evidence from Research Partnerships Job Talk
16/12/2015 Hans Hvide / Department  of Economics, University of Bergen Do entrepreneurs matter? (Joint with Sascha Becker)  
23/12/2015 Dan Zeltzer / Department of Economics, Princeton University Gender Homophily in Referral Networks: Consequences for the Medicare Physician Pay Gap  Job Talk
23/12/2015 Anna Sabidussi / TIAS School of Business and Society, Tilburg University The Innovator's Dilemma: How to Balance Exploration and Exploitation will take place at 14:00-15:15
24/12/2015 IO day (takes place in the Hebrew University)    
30/12/2015 Dan Aks / School of Management, Tel Aviv University The Vanture-Capital Cycle: What Affects Funds' Performance  
06/01/2016 Ro'i Zultan / Department of Economics, Ben Gurion University Auction Mechanisms and Bidder Collusion: Bribes Signals and Selection  
13/01/2016 Francis Bloch / Department of Economics, Universite Paris I and Paris School of Economics The Formation of Partnerships in Social Networks (Joint with Bhaskar Dutta, Stephane Robin and Min Zhu)  
20/01/2016 Dany Bahar / Research Department of the inter-American Development Bank Migration, Knowledge Diffusion and the Comparative Advantage of Nations  
17/02/2016 Raffaella Sadun / Harvard Business School CEO Behavior and Firm Performance (Joint with Onana Bandiera, Stephen Hansen and Andrea Prat)  
24/02/2016   ---- Cancelled ----    
02/03/2016   ---- Cancelled ----    
09/03/2016 Amitai Gilad / School of Management, Tel Aviv University How Risky are Advanced Cyber Attackers who Face Uncertainty  
14/03/2016   ---- Cancelled ----    
23/03/2016 Dor Lee-loo / School of Management, Tel Aviv University Dynamic Disclosures and the Secondary Market for Loan Sales (Joint with Davide Cianciaruso and Sri S.Sridhar)  
28/03/2016 Daniel L. Rubinfeld / Economics Department and School of Law, University of California Berkeley IP Privateering in the Markets for Desktop and Mobile Operating System

will take place at 14:00-15:15 in Recanati 408

30/03/2016 Sophie Bade / Department of Economics, Royal Holloway University of London Dynamic Semi-consistency  
06/04/2016 Noam Shamir / School of Management, Tel Aviv University Third-Party Funding in a Sequential Litigation  Process (Joint with Julia Shamir)  
13/04/2016 Mark Schankerman / Department of Economics, London School of Economics

Patents and Cumulative  Innovation: Causal Evidence from the Courts (Joint with Alberto Galasso)

Patents Rights and Innovation by Small and Large Firms (Joint with Alberto Galasso)

20/04/2016 Beatrice Boulu-Reshef / Centre d'Economie de la Sorbonne, Universite  Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne Leadership Effectiveness: Communication, Transparency, and Skin-in-the-Game (Joint with Jeremy Hutchison-Krupat)  
04/05/2016 Itai Ater / School of Management, Tel Aviv University    
18/05/2016 TBD    
25/05/2016 TBD    
01/06/2016 David Abrams / Law School, University of Pennsylvania    
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