Dr. Danny Ben-Shahar

מנהלת ביה"ס למנהל עסקים סגל אקדמי בכיר
Dr. Danny Ben-Shahar
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Short Biography

Dr. Danny Ben-Shahar is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Management at Tel Aviv University and serves as the Director of the Alrov Institute for Real Estate Research. His research includes an analysis of agents’ rational and irrational behavior in the real estate market. Among Ben-Shahar’s publications are articles in Economica, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Annals of Regional Science, The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Journal of Real Estate Research, and the Journal of Housing Economics. Ben-Shahar is a Weimer School Fellow at the Homer Hoyt Institute in Florida, USA and serves on the editorial boards of several academic journals. In addition, Ben-Shahar serves as a board member in several corporate entities in Israel and is a member of the board of the Israeli Appraisal Association. Ben-Shahar holds a B.A. in economics from Tel Aviv University and an MBA and a Ph.D. in real estate finance from the University of California at Berkeley.



Fields of Research

Real Estate Finance and Economics


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles


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Chapters in Books


Ben-Shahar, D., G. Benchetrit, and E. Sulganik, 2008. The Israeli mortgage market: Mortgage insurance as a mechanism for screening default risk. In Mortgage Markets Worldwide (Ben-Shahar, Leung, and Ong, Eds., Blackwell Publishing).


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Books Edited


D. Ben-Shahar, C. Leung, and S. E. Ong, eds., Mortgage Markets Worldwide (Blackwell Publishing 2008).

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